Want to buy...where do I start?

Hi All,

OK I’m sure this kind of question may already have been asked but I believe everyone’s situation is different. Just registered and was hoping you guys would be able to help me with my questions.

So my story so far. I live in the UK (Rochdale), got married 8 months ago and currently living with my parents. My wife has a baby on the way (6 months left) and I’m starting to think about moving out. At the moment we don’t have anything saved up, I have some debts to pay off (from the wedding!!) that will be cleared in December (same time the baby comes) so will start saving for a house in January 2014. When I do start saving I will have £1000 each month that I would be able to save…again this is when I start saving.

My question is I was just browsing for houses to look at prices etc and I’m not sure what price range I should be looking at? Is it OK for me to be thinking I would able to afford a house for £180K? I will be putting a deposit of £10-15K so if I start saving in January it won’t be until January the following year (2015) before we can buy a house. My wife will most likely not be going back to work but she will be on mat leave which will cover the babies expenses for the the first year meaning I can focus on saving up for a house.

How does it work? How much will my bank lend me? I want to know what to expect when I’m ready to buy.

Many thanks,

I don’t think the OP mentioned moving to Ireland. I am not sure he realises this is a web site dealing with Irish property, among other things.

Erm you guys are right I didn’t think this website is specifically for people moving to Ireland. Would you recommend posting in a different forum, if so which one?

housepricecrash.co.uk would be a good place to start, I hang out there a lot.