Warning over mortgage arrears

Warning over mortgage arrears → examiner.ie/business/warning … 30040.html

"The warning comes at a time when consumers owe in excess of €180 billion and are now one of the most indebted populations in Europe, he said. "

Scary stuff.
Does anyone have link to a graph of other countries personal debt levels?

Well I don’t see the Government rushing to tell the CC companies that they can’t pursue their customers for 18 months, so I suppose people think they can fob off their banks. :unamused:

Question for you just to seek out the motives behind this article. Is the guy whose written the article one and the same Eugene McDarby below?
Eugene McDarby
Eugene is currently Sales Director
of Irish Mortgage Corporation.
Ireland’s largest independent
mortgage broker. Irish Mortgage
Corporation will exceed 1 billion
in mortgages in 2007 and is also
the biggest producer of protection
business for any single broker in the
industry. Irish Mortgage Corporation
currently has a sales team in excess
of 70.
Eugene is also a Director of
**Moneyzone, Irelands largest
specialist mortgage broker.**Eugene was Chairman for the
Dublin committee in 2006.

The above information can be found on google and is from a brochure advertising a conference in the IMI, as to whether he is still a director in IMC god knows but on that point wast IMC the subject of a primetime investigation on dubious practices in the past (I stand to be corrected)? And based on that it now seems the guys from IMC who gave advice on the mortgages are now gonna give advice on the bad debt accumulated from the mortgages they have written, hmmm, does something smell here or am I wrong? :angry:

Well if hes who I think he is he should know as Irish Mortgage Corporation probably have written a hell of a lot of them. :unamused: