Warning over NAMA constitutional flaw

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Warning over constitutional problem with Nama law - The Irish Times

Does anyone know where we can find the Regulation which according to today’s Independent, Brian Lenihan signed into law last Wednesday and which altered somewhat the valuation methodology to be used in NAMA. The link is below - DoF Press Office didn’t know anything about it.

independent.ie/business/iris … 91704.html

Also does anyone have a view on the fact that the Data Protection Act which prevents the general publication of actual sale prices is probably being offended as we speak because NAMA valuers will presumably have access to actual current sales prices (and indeed if they are calculating Long Term Economic Value then they would presumably seek to have access to historical sales). Does this now mean that the select group of NAMA valuers who are inside the tent will have access to secret market altering information which the poor non-NAMA valuers and indeed the general public can’t access?

From the NAMA website:
Looks like it’s this:
nama.ie/Publications/2010/NA … lation.pdf - (PDF)

Surely Nama will distort Competition. Where are the competition lawyers here. It is also a secret society. Preventing public access. No open-ness or accountability.

finance.gov.ie/documents/pub … 882010.pdf

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