Was allowing REITs/Vulture Funds a bad idea?


Gannon was the focus of the protestors’ ire because he had been doing his sound-as-a-pound rare oul times schtick when meeting with local community groups then did a complete 180 to do a deal with private developers.

A lot of what’s been going on in the city has echoes of what happened in the States-Obama’s early activities in Chicago are a good example (p.85 on) :

See also Slaughter of the Cities by E Michael Jones (there are pdfs around if you Google.)




Are the REITs/Vulture funds, really the ones to blame?


Somewhat. But most rests with the regime.


Vultures are gonna vulture.

Government should be there to represent and depend the public interests. Not facilitate foreign vulture funds/landlords.

Certainly not to invest in them.