Was i really here when it says so?

Just logged in now, it says my last visit was today at 8:25am(9:25am real world) when i was not!
I was actually driving at that time and both my work and home PC were off and now is my first visit today!!
Is it possible that the time is wrong or my pwd is being compromised?

To add, unread posts are all of todays date plus no posts in my name since yesterday.
I suspect the clock is wrong by a day on the last visit part.

It just looks fuppin weird :slight_smile:

It’s possible that:
the time on the server was being worked on
you’ve left yourself logged in on a computer that someone checked the pin from
you’ve been out drinking for a real long night, got back in at 8am and checked the pin 25 minutes later
someone has your password

Keep an eye on it, if it becomes a trend then it is easier to figure out what happened