Watch Martin Lewis Squirm

Ouch… … ws_itnnews

To be fair to Martin Lewis he did a programme on tv a few months back on the topic of the inadequate deposit protection scheme that was in place in the UK and advised savers to spread their cash around many banks to protect their savings.

Ouch, tough interview setup.

And he’s also always recommended never having more than £35k in anyone account. His website also made clear exactly how the deposit protection worked with the Icelandic banks. It isn’t his fault that most people don’t read beyond the 1st paragraph of any article and stopped reading once they came as far as 7.10% IR. :unamused:


it doesnt matter what you do for a living, you can still be an idiot. solicitor or not
I work with a bloke, and every day i wonder how he managed to get his degree, he is thick as shit.

I have 150k to invest, i am a solicitor and i plonk it in one bank in the smallest independent economy on the planet.

what a fucking idiot.

to top it all, it exposes just how shit the media is. i had (what i thought ) held john snow in high regard prior to watching this, but his ine of attack is typical ignorant piss poor reporting bulshit


go on martin, go fuck C4.

This world is rapidly being overun by pillocks who will not admit responcibillity for there own stupidity, maybe the gene pool is fooked after all

So had I, I can only conclude that Jon had substantial savings in Icesave and was looking for someone to yell at.