Water bills in 2013 even if meters aren't ready

Water bills in 2013 even if meters aren’t ready - Patricia McDonagh -> independent.ie/national-news … 12609.html

Most people are better off with a meter than with pick a number billing. The ACTUAL plan, in 2013, is to recover 100% of the costs of providing water from water rates. In a county with crap mains and high losses water will cost more than in one with good mains. The lowest losses are in Dublin as the rehabilitation effort was more comprehensive there than elsewhere.

Therefore they are considering regional water authorities modelled on the 4 HSE regions but not overlapping precisely.

Jaysus lads we’ll need another Quango to sort this out if it’s based on HSE regions. :angry: :-GC

And there will be a septic tank tax as well. :slight_smile: Full cost recovery also applies to shite !!

There will absolutely. That’s what schools and businesses pay - one price for treated water, one price for sewage per cubic metre. Sewage is calculated on the water that comes in. There have been reports recently that new methods are being used to catch businesses that put rainwater harvesting systems in (to calculate their sewage outflow).

off grid anyone?

Lets not forget the proposed new internet tax:

siliconrepublic.com/comms/it … ce-the-tv/

This is going to be great for the “smart economy” :unamused:

Coupled with VAT that already exists on books, it looks like our government is out to tax learning out of existence. Well done, lads.

Surely people in Roscommon should be hit hard and quite rightly so :angry:

Part of the problem is that the council have no idea where large parts of the pipe network are. Offaly CoCo, for instance, haven’t a clue what connections there are around Tullamore. Some are leaking pipes to now abandoned (long abandoned) houses. Some are to cattle feeders. In the old days (before the 1990s :smiley: ), the council didn’t have a division to connect houses to the main, so the householder did it themselves. Since then, council staff haven’t bothered to find out who is on the mains…