Water Charges to be revealed

I put this here as this most likely will become a thorny political issue.

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I understand the first bills are due to go out sometime in 2012. This just confirms my belief that the Greens are determined to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure no Green TD is returned to Dail Eireann.

I predict a riot.

I think that we should pay for water, at least then we might conserve it more.

And yes the leaks in the infrastructure needs addressing.

So I guess they will be reducing our taxes to reflect the fact that we are paying for our water use?

i.e. What do we get for our taxes?

We pay for refuse, why not water are we to assume we should get this free also, our taxes dont cover the running costs of the country at the moment.

Not when its laced with sodium flouride, fecal matter and other chemical pollutants.

You hope that when you buy bottled water this is not the case. There are issues with BPA and Bisphenol A in plastic containers so its a tough one to call. Personally I have noted the quality of drinking water varies to an alarming level in areas close and near to each other as not to make any logical sense but then I doubt our water network is logical much like all the infrastructural elements of this country.

I figure the reason the water pressure is so low in this country is becasue somewhere back during the founding decades of the state they said “fuck this we ain’t gonna fix all those bloody victorian pipes the Brits left us with so we’ll lower the pressure so less leaks are sprung down the line…”

Now we all have 10KW showers because the water pressure is shit. Did you ever notice that when you are in a country other than Ireland the water pressure is usually much higher and give for far better showers.

My point is that we are not getting our water for free at the moment… We pay for it with our taxes.
I would be happy to pay for metered water if we saw an equivalent decrease in taxes, but that’s not going to happen is it?

Given that many people in the country have to pay for their wells etc thats not really true. This water charges farce meant that stupid grants were introduced for inefficient one off houses.

I think your agrument would hold water (no pun intended) if proper local taxes were introduced e.g. rates/property tax instead of relying on income tax, stamp duty etc from central government.
It would also have the eventual side effect of bringing cash earning / tax dodging tradesmen into the tax net…

Before you say it I’m predicating this on a commesurate reduction in income tax; academic I admit

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You’d be guessing wrong. I emailed the guy some time back and asked if taxes would be reduced in light of the move from indirect payment to direct payment.

He said it wasn’t envisaged that they would.

I can see it now…


hope that cannon is metered …

In all seriousness, this has potential to rupture (pardon the pun)
This is something tangible to the gombeen voter.
While they might never had understood the figures involved in the bailout, this they will see as intrusion into their castle.

Cattle are thirsty beasts. I can see Farmers mobilising to get an exemption. I don’t expect they’ll be campaigning on behalf of the general Public.

wont most of them have their own wells, wont it only be urban dwellers on public water systems paying this.
The septic tank tax is for the rural dwellers.

Em, I think they already pay, hence the washing out of slurry tanks in rivers… unintended consequences… poo in the dahlias? Mind the roses, they tend to scratch…

their land could be anywhere up to 5 or 10 miles from their homestead so they won’t have wells everywhere.

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Charging is a great idea. It will stop the endless black hole that are water schemes in Ireland