Water Charges

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I head that. And then I tried to figure out what it meant.

There are 1.9 million housing units in the country.
Some 400k of them have their own water and septic tank.
So 1.5 million units are going to raise 1 bn.
A third of them are going to pay nothing (because that’s the way it always ends up, regardless of whether they should be saving water or not).
The rest will therefore pay an average of €1,000 euro each?

That’ll go down really well…

buy it on the drip €20 a week

Now if they were going to provide a service and make it a worthwhile service with a quality supply that doesnt leak into the gutter then well and good we should be prepared to pay something for it but if its the usual tax measure and halfhearted/halfarsed attempt at it then he can fu** off.

By and large Irish people will pay, if they are will ing to pay for the talentless hacks in RTE then I can’t see why they wont pay for water.

Shall we send John the bill for all the stomach cancer and tooth fractures from the poisonous fluoride then?

We’ll poison you, force medicate you, we’ll fuck your family up, we’ll strip search you and your children with our digital eyes, monitor your phone calls, track you emails, monitor your car movements because you are free, free to pay the tax for the privileged of your

We’ll take the money and give it to the invisible hand of the market that stole your soul before you where ever born.

They have to get a meter into every home first.

For what?

They can fixed charge everyone based on the number of toilets/people/wigs in the house…

As unpleasant as this proposal is, I actually welcome it, we (as a nation) do waste a lot of water. I accept that it’ll be you and I that pays for this, but I think it necessary. I also agree that the infrastructure needs upgrading, but its a chicken and egg situation.

Would anyone here advocate the way the UK went? I don’t think so

If people were rewarded for saving water then it might incentivise families to perserve a very important resource, we need to replace this “I want it for free mentality”, and having listened to Joe Higgins on this issue, this evening didn’t help the anti water side or do it any favours.

Having said the above I personally think it will never be introduced… mass protests and all that.

This is the way the UK went.

First you have rates.

Then you have meters.

Then you privatise.

I vaguely remember Seamus Brennan saying to the greens during negotiations to form a Govt,that they were playing with the big boys now,this went totally over the greens power starved heads,FF play them like the utter patsies they are,any bad news/new tax,wool pulling over the electorates eyes… out trots citizen (Robespierre) gormless,who not content with having utterly destroyed the green party,he now delights in wiping his shitty shoes all over what remains of it…

The naivete of this grinning thundering halfwit is simply staggering,it almost eclipses that of the portion of the electorate who voted for him.

Time to finish building the rainwater harvesting system!

Thats the point isn’t it. ! Billion raised. Probably cost less than a million to help people to help themselves install basic harvesting system. So much for the fucking Green, backed down on fluoride and no sight nor sign of “grey water policy” its all TAX TAX TAX,

Look, the councils will never agree to you installing rain water harvesting systems. Never.

Never. Never. Never. Never.

Not even as an ancillary to another system.


No matter what treatment system you put in for it. “Sure those sales fellows will say anything”.


The only safe water to drink is the stuff polluted with flourine, chlorine, and any old shite they don’t tell you about.

Oh, did I say never? Never.

Rainwater harvesting works best when just used for the crapper, the washing machine and the garden tap. If you really want to drink rainwater then buy a reverse osmosis filtration system. Still way cheaper than a grand per year.

Water water everywhere.

Soon to tax the air you breath… oh no wait!!! :open_mouth:

Dem tings dont work.
I have it on good authority from the gobshite who refused my planning.

Yogan seriously fuck the planning.

You have a roof already.
Get some barrels.
A sump.
Some hosing/qual pex to your toilets you can guess the rest.

I don’t really get what you need planning for?
Where you planning a giant water tower?

Messed up world. Soon you’ll need a license to accept rain onto you property and probably extra insurance in case it freezes and someone slips.

I’m only intending to replace the “eau de carzie”, requires no treatment, except for a basic particle filter. The roof has lead flashing as it is, the expense of treating it to potable standards could exceed the proposed rate. As it is I already have a meter, so hopefully can keep useage below the “baseline” value (until the honeymoon period is over anyway).

I have in mind one (or two) of those 1000litre bulk liquid carriers, buried and fed via the gutters with a simple submersible pump up to a tank (already in place) in the loft.