Water, Council or Occupier?

My house is currently without cold running water (in Limerick city). No pipes in the house are frozen because I took care that some heat reached the attic. But no water has come into the house since late Friday night (when a lot of pipes in the country froze), and now the upstairs tank is almost empty.

Can anyone with knowledge tell me if the delivery of water to the house is the responsibility of the local authority, or are their obligations met by delivering it to the mains pipe that serves the area? My worry is that the thaw will not remedy the situation, and some work between the water main and the house will be required. Who is responsible in this case. Council or Landlord/Occupier?

Don’t know - suggest ringing them all, whichever doesn’t answer the phone is probably the one.

Your pipes have not frozen thanks to your diligence,but the tank is empty,looks like the Council have turned off the supply to your area as they have done to many,once they restore water to your area you should be ok,ring up the CC and ask them if indeed they have turned off supply and when they intend restoring it and importantly ask if any work will be required getting water from mains to house(shouldnt think so)

Was told by City council Engineering that it wasn’t turned off, but pipes are still likely frozen. I can only believe that for a little while longer. The Air temp has risen to +5/6 here, so the thaw should be taking effect quite soon.

We have this problem and here is the answer.

While water may be getting to the mains the pipe from the mains to your house may be frozen. The ground is still frozen hard in many places. After all the snow and ice has defrosted from the ground leave it another 3 days to let the ground warm up a bit (apparently its going to be a balmy 11 degrees at the weekend). If there is still no water coming into your house and the mains is working you need to call the plumber who will dig down to the the pipe going to your house (In our case we have to pay for this cost as the it is our pipe and our drive) don’t know about your specific case.

So I guess you need to suck it and see for another few days.

Forgot to say that we are currently opening up the mains and hooking a pipe onto it to filter water off it into a pipe that leads to the dishwasher and this then sends the water up to our tank so it gets filled everynight.
I will also add that I don’t know if this is legal and I have no idea why it goes into the dishwasher first, but I get a full tank every night.