Waterford developer to start building using own money

“They were meant to be educated and to properly manage the planning system and regulate it to some degree, but that didn’t happen,” he added.

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This was predicted here, I’m not sure of his 170k price tag, but if he builds to the quality stated he could well be on a winner

It’s all NAMA’s fault that our kids futures are buried. If it wasn’t for NAMA we’d be laughing. Nothing to do with the developers/banks/politicians prior to NAMA. Well if you have the potential to “blow NAMA out of the water” I guess you think they are paying over the market for property. Take note NAMA and apply bigger discounts.

of course this was inevitable and i said last year that developers who arent in NAMA and have cash and/or finance would buy the cheap land and use cheap labour and materials to undercut NAMA backed properties permanently wrecking the flimsy concept of LTEV. NAMA could only work if they had control of all land and ability to purchase more land at firesale prices and restrict new development.

Just the tiny problem of getting it through planning then and he’s home and dry…

I don’t think it’ll be too hard. People won’t want to hear of planning being refused when there is the possibility of jobs being created and there’s those development levies to be thought of …

Fabulous idea. Hopefully he will build houses that people actually want to live in. I am all for high density but not row upon row of terraced and semi d’s. Build nice 4 bed, detached houses, with garden on both sides and the back so natural light can access the house at all times of the day. Perhaps 1/8 of an acre sites. The side space does not have to be huge c.5-8 metres but would make all the difference. Most modern estates were not designed with light and space in mind. Many houses are in permanent shade and are the modern equivelant of living in the black hole of calcutta.

It seems like planners (in some areas at least) are taking note, I know of one 22 acre site which originally had OPP for 100 detached houses back in 2001, only one third of the site was zoned at the time and full planning was granted for 33 houses on that portion with the remainder of the land due to be zoned in 2003. By the time the new development plan was passed the goalposts changed and the planners were demanding a density of 9 houses to the acre. The site has never been developed beyond the original 30 odd houses but I hear now that planning is expected to be granted in the coming months for the original plan of 100 houses. If and when they are built is another question though.

I hate “planning” in this country it pure ilth. Nature doesn’t plan it flows.

Like as if zoning is progressive or means anything.

Not good. La lalalala alala