Waterside, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin (-3mil -75%)

Not sure about this one - other pinsters might be able to define it better. Anyways…

Previously on the market for 4 million

irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … opertynews

Also some reference to it in the worst value house in Ireland here:


Now on the market for 1 million

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/109063

For sale by Liquidator. Has been €1m for some time. Unfinished. No parking. Disputes over planning.

No parking? Ouch. What’s wrong with the planning? DLRCoCo site shows an appeal to ABP and permission granted.

The good news is that the liquidator got the planning sorted and it’s clean now (but not the same design as the original).

The bad news is that they are really just selling a site and the EA said that what’s there needs to be razed. So 1mln for a site albeit with a view is pretty lumpy. You share parking with the apartments beside you but I’m sure it won’t be uncommon to find someone in your spot(s). The apartments also have right of way at the front of this house into their back garden.

You’ll only be able to get a patio at the back as there’s no room for a garden. There’ll be excavation costs and payments due to the county council once the property is completed. Probably worth half what they are asking but I wouldn’t be having it at any price as I like a fireplace and there’ll be none allowed in this gaff due to neighbours’ houses being higher.

So in or around E500 for this. The going rate as they say…

This won’t sell for more than €300,000. Small awkward site. Never get proper house on it.

still on for EUR 1million…


Completely delusional. Anybody looking for a house here and paying a million quid + plus build on top would surely be expecting a house at least the size of the site if not bigger thus leaving no garden or smallish gaff with tiny garden. Dreamin’

Dalkey seems to specialize in folks with a great imagination.


Great price, pretty apartment, amazing view…service charge OUCH. Kudos to the agent for drawing attention to it though, I wish more of them would do that.

That place definately has some appeal at that price. But only IF you are very confident that the service charge does not get out of control. I suspect its high because there are only 18 apartments and as such it lacks the economies of scale that bigger devt’s have

I imagine the on-site caretaker accounts for a fair bit. And, I’d imagine there are lifts to be serviced too. Also, perhaps the Dalkey residents like fresh-cut flowers etc etc in common spaces. Committees of residents are very good at spending communal cash.

A site in Dalkey for a million. Quick, someone contact Pat Kenny.

Back on the market asking 1.05m (+ VAT)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2858372
“It should be noted that the sale of this site will be subject to VAT at 13.5%.”

Sale agreed

Sold 5-9-14 for €1m

Truly mad.

can’t believe someone paid 1m for that…