Way Out of Our Debt Problem

Embrace Islam-enact Sharia Law in full banning the charging of interest, we already have a
small section about it in the last Finance Bill, see link:

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 33234.html

That’s my suggestion anyway-lets all get out our prayer mats and face Mecca, where has
this Catholicism crack got us ?

Allah be praised, that’s genius!

Usury used to be considered a sin in Cristianity for many, many centuries, till Capitalism became the official religion.


Islam is only 800 years behind us. They will get the gig.

‘Allah be praised…
George Bush… be erased’

John Lydon, sex pistols
Electric Picnic 2008

Plus we can stone Fitzpatrick and Fingers…and who loses a hand or two?

If Fitzpatrick and Fingers are to be stoned, then it’s the guillotine for Garret the Good! :smiling_imp: