We did well, now let's pay it back

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Ah, but sovereigns don’t pay back debt. So that is 5% a year on 30 bn forever.

Having another 30 bn to put into capital spending over the next five years might make a difference.

Where are your multipliers now Mr. Keenan?

Oh dear Brendan, looks like it does have to be repaid!

Ah well, let’s write articles saying we are all in it together - and if you’re not up to your tits in debt then you’re just as guilty!

Now hand over that hard earned money to the government!

What. The. Fuck.

I can never understand people like him who think pyramid and ponzi schemes have some benefits. :unamused:

I won’t read it. It will make me angry.

Yes Brendan my salary got hugely inflated in 2000,2001,2002 etc. by 25% each year, just like house prices. :unamused:

Whenever I see the “we all benefitted” it just reads like “well I benefitted so I’m sure the rest of you did too”…

I can assure BK and his like… that the sharing of the pain is far more equitable than the sharing of the boom ever was!


Those cheerleaders are sitting beside you Gene

I read it with an open mind, because I actually do have a degree of sympathy with the view that the temporary benefits of all that borrowing were spread wide. If you were in retail, you got to charge more for your stuff than made sense. If you were in the public sector, you got very respectable salary increases funded to a large extent by taxing the property bubble. If you were in the motor trade, like Ireland’s greatest TV entrepeneur, you sold more new cars than you could shake a stick at. And all of the above, and all the rest of us, did pay low tax.

All of which is to say, I resist talk of this all being done to satisfy a tiny cabal. Or, at least, a tiny cabal made sure that a large section of the people, and possibly most, were bought off.

All of which is merely introduction to me saying how the last lines of that article left me stunned

I mean, that does (as I read it) amount to him saying that staying out of property was morally reprehensible, to an extent that requires us to hand over the money that we didn’t waste.

I know people believe all kinds of strange things. But, really, I cannot fathom how someone could expect such a view to hold water.

Dear Brendan

Fuck off


Brilliant… Nuff said.

I don’t believe the pain is being shared in an equitable manner, quite the opposite actually

Well said Sirrah,well said and I sincerely wish he would fuck off and take his thoroughbred excuses with him,donkeys every last one of em

“We are where we are”

“It was Lehamns brothers what done it”

“No one saw it coming”