We should all be on bended knee thanking God for Brian

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If only Lenihan was in a position to lead FF . Imagine the heights that we could reach ? He has shown guts and determination . He has faced down the unions and the public service and has impressed international markets no end .

Jim looking for a board seat in Nama then is he ???

Yeah theres a grain of truth in what he’s saying but I aint thanking god for Brian. What next, “Thank god for Michael O’Leary”. XX

Cui bono? Damn right, they are impressed. How many other political administrations have successfully enslaved their own citizens to the bondholders? How many hours will you work this week for the benefit of the bond holders?
All he’s done is kick the can up the road a bit and held off the day of reckoning a day longer, meanwhile the debt continues to grow…

It is a measure of Lenihan’s incredible political skills that probably sane people can come to such insane conclusions.

I think it’s pretty clear Lenihan is the most gifted politician in the Dail by a very wide margin. He just trounces the rest of them. Certainly I can’t think of any other Irish politicians who could have sold the country this pig in a poke the way he has.

I have yet to come to a conclusion about his level of evilness.


Brian “I didn’t read the report” Lenihan.
Brian “Iceland! Iceland! Iceland!” Lenihan.
Brian “Bonuses are mandatory” Lenihan.
Brian “TDs will take a pay cut” Lenihan.
Brian “The only game in town” Lenihan.
Brian “Get the credit flowing” Lenihan.
Brian “Anglo is systemic” Lenihan.
Brian “Bank guarantee” Lenihan.


Funny fuckers the lot of ye!

I agree, he’s a very astute politician, and with a family legacy in FF and experienced mentor like Aunty Mary to watch his back he ought to be. However, his decisions will have long term consequences, that have to be dealt with by a future administration (could easily be his) and the price borne by the citizens of this country. The question is that price worth paying and what’s the alternative?

More like we should be lying back and thinking of Ireland thanks to the deals Brian Lenihan has cut with the bondholders.

Life imitates art.

Did Monty Python not suggest we thank God for Brian too?

I suppose it had to happen…


Yeah, but they were completely taking the piss.

Oh. Actually, I see your point now.

Jaysus, it’s like congratulating your mother’s murderer for calling the ambulance after she died.

Actually JimBob’s speech in Waterford is a classic example of what happens when you turn up to a speaking engagement - having lost your script or not haing prepared one in the first place.

JimBob has been been turning a modest shilling on the ‘circuit’ over the past year.
Problem is if you take the gig for granted and just start talking off the top of your head a lot of utter shite sometimes spills out… but then JimBob does have a track record in the regard…

so we should give brian without a brain ******** after hes been giving it to us ******? 8-

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By “We” does he mean the banks (and friendly societies if you want to be technical)? If so, perhaps he is just outlining the cost to the top banking executives of getting bailed out. “Down on your knees for Brian. Come on lads, it’s this or lose our half million euro bonuses.”

No more mothers day so lets all enjoy our “National Stockholm’s Syndrome Day” in honor of our Painful Saint Jim Power.

Whats this “would” pale face?

Ireland is a basket case economcy. We have gin soaked nutburgers running the shop yumming up sweet method-a-done madness form the sugar daddy Ecb. Debt up to our tits as far as the eye can sea and you want to get down on one knee and kiss Liar Lenihans dirty ring?


Ryanair should have stalls at these “talks” I’m sure they’d make a kiling on one way tickets to anywhere but here!

**I feel like running down kildare st screaming “I surrender!” wheres me white flag? **

The same international markets that were impressed no end by Lehman Bros and Bear Stearns, right up until Sept 2008?