We WANT homelessness


I’m sure his own church can easily cover the cost so.


The state has been providing culturally appropriate housing for travellers for many years.

The problem is that much of it is vandalised or vacant for reasons far beyond state control. See more: viewtopic.php?p=850484#p850484

I am sure Peter McVerry knows this.


independent.ie/irish-news/n … 43881.html

Not included in the Indo report is that 80 of the 184 were Irish (43%), 53 were non-nationals (29%) and the rest were unknown (28%) according to reports on the news throughout the day.


Is it time to tax religious institutions and use this money to fund a building program ?


Genius. Let’s tax Father Peter and Brother Kevin directly. We can then use the proceeds to employ some civil servants to replace them. We need more Eileen Gleesons.


Government tries to silence advocates from talking - why might this happen in a democracy?
The Times 27/01/18


Peter & Kevin are not religious institutions.
Tax the churches.
How much money does the Irish RCC send back to Rome ?
Is it even possible to find that out ?


what a shocker, accepting govt money comes with conditions. be nice to the council and the national govt.


It’s not ‘govt money’; it’s taxpayers money. We have a right to know how our money is being spent and whether the policy is effective. If the government TDs want to reach in to their own pockets to give some money away then they can insist on secrecy on how it’s spent, but they’re really not the type.


David McWilliams makes the point that we want higher house prices and the market is essentially rigged by earlier generations
IT - Rising house prices suit too many people


As a homeowner, I don’t want high house prices. 1 day my kids will want to buy and I don’t want them to be only able to afford something in the middle of the bog of Allen!
Selfish and short term thinking if McWilliams is right


This is the pattern around the world regarding property/asset decoupled from housing need.
Doubt it will ever change.


He’s right, the vast majority of voters want higher prices

I note our dear leader is now almost as popular as Bertie, the boom is getting boomier


This is a repeat of the previous boom except this time instead of importing construction workers from Eastern Europe to build houses for sale, Ireland is importing foreign students (or semi-students) to finance a rental boom.

Im guessing the first significant property boom was actually created when women began to enter the workplace en masse in the 70s ie population/workforce expansion is required for such booms to occur.

The whole thing is a shit show and it really is now time for those who cling to the outdated economic model that has sustained this nonsense to give it up. Otherwise, either they or their children will eventually reap a whirlwind. While there still remains more people with an interest in propping up the current way of doing things to include chasing higher house prices, there will eventually come a time when there will be more people (generally younger also) who are disenfranchised when it comes to shelter than there are those with skin in the game.

At that point, all people own will be up for grabs. Better from their perspective to cede some ground in terms of stupid house price gains that for most will never actually be cashed in instead of the serious likelihood of having it all appropriated at some point in the future. IN this regard, all that’s required is for a little bit of traditional post-WW2 European social democratic principles to be applied ie build some social housing and place caps on (not stop entirely) inward migration.

I believe its that simple. The other thread about people living 6 to a room within the black market etc clearly shows that third world conditions are being created across Dublin and maybe other parts of the country also. People from the third world are being imported in order to be abused and exploited in this manner. Its being cheerled by the ideologues on both the right and the left for differing reasons all under the banner of diversity etc. Its wrong and it will have serious repurcussions into the future.

Im alright Jack wont work indefinitely.


I’m not certain the basic rules of economics are that far away really. Demand has increased significantly due to increased population, especially in Dublin. As per 2011 to 2016 Census. Not a lot of this increased population are in that good a place for long term mortgage commitments and the Banks are still licking their wounds, so lending has gone nowhere. Check out the balance sheets of the banks. Life goes on, so rent has rocketed, and house prices are a function of rents.


Grauniad article this morning reminded me of this. I suspect the Tory MP involved will get a lambasting for suggesting that there’s lots of voluntary homelessness:

theguardian.com/society/201 … m-holloway


Politicians object to social housing, because it devalues existing houses, by up to €100k each.
In Athenry!
connachttribune.ie/councillors-a … state-776/

That is the nub of the issue. Politicians want votes and nobody wants their investment(home) falling in value.
Rinse and repeat


The sad fact is that people will complain about property being unaffordabel but pay an extra €100k to avoid living next door to the most deserving in society :slight_smile:


“Lorro Gate”? I’m showing my age* but I couldn’t help thinking of the late Cilla Black … “I’ve gorra lorro luverly guests to show to ya tonaagght” :smiley:

(* Faaark! Just checked Wikipedia … her variety show ended in 1976 :open_mouth: ).