We WANT homelessness


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Theres literally thousands of (mainly young) Irish citizens dispersed across the globe because they cant afford to live in Ireland…with the main prohibition to their return being the inability to access housing. Yet people from the far side of the world who land in Dublin airport apparently have to be housed as a priority.

Thatcher’s phrase “theres no such thing as society” became synonymous with the Conservative neo-liberal ideology of the day. Nowadays however, Sinn Fein and others on the left, through their support for these type of open-border policies, are engaged in promoting a similar outlook ie if the demographical makeup of the population matters not at all beyond, presumably, its ability to either feed the economy or provide a clientelist relationsip of dependency on State services, then there really is “no such thing as society”.

Surely the first political party that has the balls to actually stand up and oppose this madness is going to reap rewards?


Couldn’t possibly be true.

Could it?


The number of homeless people in Ireland has topped 10,000 for the first time on record.

According to the latest Government figures, there were 10,264 people accessing emergency accommodation in the State in February.

The figures include 3,784 children and 6,480 adults.


When you offer accommodation to anyone that turns up, then a ‘homeless crisis’ is not only inevitable, but a permanent fixture of the housing market.

Housing should only be offered to

  • Irish citizens.
  • EU citizens up to their income tax contributions.

We are under no obligation to house non-EU citizens nor EU citizens who are a burden on the state.
I’m not saying housing all these people is the cause of the crisis, but it’s certainly forcing it to spiral out of control.


That would be a bit too sensible for our politicians to embrace it.



I presume that action plan does not include deportations but does include spending of tens of millions on accommodation?


Unfortunately I would assume the same


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Are there not loads of empties in Connaught such as is in Leitrim? No need to be homeless in the West I’d have thought…


Galway City is pretty packed afaik. Worst traffic in Ireland (43.5 hours per year sitting in rush hour traffic) 61st worst Globally. And they are now developing a large quarter in the center of the city to really stuff it up.

The council not helping it would seem too.



Up (+104) from March…


Focus Ireland have a report out this morning on homeless families. The asked 400 of the homeless families they deal with to come forward for the research and 237 families took part.

It found that a total of 58% of the families (137) reported that they had to leave their last stable home due to their private rental property being removed from the market or other issues with the private rental sector.
Private rental sector issues include:

  • Landlord selling the property – 62 families (26%)
  • Landlord moving back in or giving the property to family – 14 families (6%)
  • Overcrowding in the property – 15 families (65)
    Other issues for having to leave include rent increases, landlord renovating, and substandard accommodation.

Meanwhile, 30% of those surveyed said they had to leave their last home due to family circumstances.
Meanwhile family circumstances issue include:

  • Family fall out (including in-laws) – 25 families (11%)
  • Overcrowding in the family home/with family – 21 (9%)
  • Domestic violence (partner) – 12 (5%)
  • Relationship breakdown – 8 (3%)

Now that last piece on Migrants accounting for 56% of the respondents is interesting. It has been mentioned previously on this site that we are ‘importing’ a homeless problem into Ireland.

Morning Ireland mentioned the 56% stat but no further detail was given. RTE website doesn’t mention it at all in their report.
And as you can see the journal just give it the one line.

The Focus Ireland report has a bit more detail

So the majority of the survey respondents were Irish at 44% (of which Travellers make up 7% of the total respondents) and Non-EU were 41%. EU came in at 15%.

But hey, nothing we can do about all that except spend billions on building houses for them. No other options at all will be investigated


Letter in Irish Times 03/12/19



The cat is out of the bag…,now in the domain of popular public opinion.


Following on from previous post….

Dr. Hearne is 100% correct in his assessment of the Irish Governments role in creating and maintaining the “problems” (not for some) in the housing “market”.
It’s 1 thing to identify the problem. Having a good solution or way out, that’s another question. How are reforms going to be paid for? Creditors get nervous when you change the current system. What about the existing debts?