Wealthy playboy bachelor lovenest


It’s got everything except a homely atmosphere.

I think this is horrid! Probably because I’m not a playboy bachelor. :slight_smile:

yeah; in Irish Times today

Yes. I’m sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned.

Not enough Dettol in the world to clean that communal bath knowing that Eddie entertained there previously.

Hahaha! Yep…

It’s extremely blokey, but in a tasteful sort of way.

Buy, yeah, if you bought it, and had a bird back, would you be telling her 'Eddie woz ‘ere’?

If you have the 5M to buy it you aren’t going to need chat up lines :laughing:

What if she said ‘Oh, this bath again’'.

Lordy be, who thought that red carpet in Pic 8 was in keeping with a 4 million quid gaff …


“I remember it being bigger”.

Hmmmm, no pictures of the games room…are we talking pinball and snooker or some other type of games…

“Stairway to Heaven” :-GC

Has a distinct 1970s feel. Just needs some shagpile carpet.

Ladder? It’s a turkish toilet. OTT like everything else. But turkish toilet nonetheless

Down into seven foot of very cold water when it’s in use.

Dunno, but it comes up in picture 15…

^ The floor plans are a bit odd, maybe it’s an escher style ladder?