Web Plummet - Cosgrave jumps the shark

Seems Paddy was rooting for Hamas and his client base doesn’t like it - CEO of YCombinator pulls the plug


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McGuirk will always be a creep.

Agreed, but Cosgrave is more odious IMO

McGurk is making a show of himself on twitter. Embarrassing.

Bizarre that Cosgrave who has spent a lot of time around - and licking the arse of - rich American tech guys thought he would get away with his hot take. Has he no concept of Jewish power? Did he think his money came with no strings attached? No way he can be out in front of his conference now. That said these Kanye style cancellations can’t go on forever. Sign of weakening power. It’s supposed to be done quietly.

But not even 24 hours from “I will not relent” to “here’s my apologies guys”. It was pretty funny.


So what’ you’re saying is…

The Irish and therefore Ireland, are under attack from “jewish power” for the first time ever in history over the last 48 hours?

Even the regime are feeling a little heat but not Paddy Cosgrave level heat, they haven’t been cancelled yet.

You have to consider is that simply a good cop (UN) / bad cop (Zio’s) play, so they can leverage the rest of the world taking in the millions millions from the pudgiest of purges (soft power with teeth style) of land purgesest, nearly as bad as what was done to the Irish.

Despite what anyone may think about the targets and operatives, it’s certinaly no laughing matter when you are under both invasion and attack as are the Irish, and Ireland currenlty is.

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I think it can go on a long time more

It’s interesting to watch this clip of Albanese in the Australian parliament post the voice referendum

“Blah Blah misinformation” (jeers in parliament from opposition)
“I will give an example, they’re talking about jewish power” (opposition silenced, totally cowered)

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The spell doesn’t seem to be working on the kids. The McGuirks will wet themselves over what side would Hitler be on and though it’s possible the young will get more pro Israeli as they age I doubt it. WWII is too far back for holocaust guilt to resonate in any powerful way. Not something their grandparents were even involved in. All they are going to see is the Colonisers oppressing brown people.


This radicalisation has come back to bite them. I wonder are the young Israelis immune to the cultural power of woke.

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You could call it a Shonda

Misbehavior by a particular Jew or Jewish group that leads to embarrassment among the broader Jewish community.


Let’s be real here. Nothing will make American jews pro white or pro Christian. Their resentments are too great.

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I recently reminded myself that Israeli kids were brainwashing victims before Western kids ever were.

I rewatched Defamation (2009) - IMDb at the weekend and it holds up well and still the most shocking thing about it is the instillation of fear in the teenagers on the trip to Polish holocaust sites.

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I believe all will find themselves in the courts for a long long time.

Ah shure that’s it now. The xfiles are out. Boom.

The names of a number of other ­celebrities have also disappeared from the event’s line-up.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, rapper LL Cool J and entrepreneur Steven Bartlett are no longer listed on the Web ­Summit’s online “speakers page”.

What have actors, footballers, and musicians got to do with the web? :grinning:

Anyway, this is the end for Web Summit.

Enough people have walked away now that the event has been smeared with anti-semitism. Anyone who decides to speak at this is effectively backing anti-semitism and puts their reputation at risk. It’s easier to just walk away.

The whole thing has me conflicted. Part of me is quite happy to see an ignoramus, a loudmouth, and a grifter like Paddy Cosgrave taken down a peg or two. On the other hand, being blacklisted as an anti-semite is not the way it should have happened.

Israeli school children on rebuilding the temple and arabs.

It’s as if someone or some group got the attendee list, called them or emailed everyone of them and said “hey have you seen this… you need to step out, call out and walk out”, and remember an actors job is to pretend to be someone else for all the world to see, so they are very happy to take direction and pretend, if it advances their station in life and not forgetting too, there are many millions of people who follow the stars as if they are gods to be worshipped, take direction from them and act accordingly in their lives.

There should be no conflict. Paddy has his personal trial in all of this, and that’s set for him (and if it’s him today, it could be you or anyone tomorrow) and he may still surprise yet you never know and sure who doesn’t like surprises, who isn’t rooting for a big surprise? Everyone loves a comeback kid story arch? :slight_smile:


Not a surprise that a couple (all?) of the exit-ers are bisexual either. They act all day long. And they know about blackmail and career ending decisions.

They don’t even need to be told not to go. It’s self preservation. Once a few people tap out its seen as a statement in itself if you don’t. Why bother bring any grief on yourself.

As I said before this is a sign of declining power. Lots of Paddy’s business mates would - in private - be thinking he’s been hard done by. The success of Zionist power and influence was being able to do it quietly and efficiently behind closed doors. These explicit cancellations can radicalise people. I dont expect him to be posting “early life check” or “every single time” but he’s bound to be pissed. Graham Linehan and JK Rowling showed you can survive it. Especially as once they bomb a few more hospitals he can say this is what I was referring to though I love the Jewish people etc

I actually think they might want him dead.

Stripe know what side their bread is buttered, eh?