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Reading Duplex’s blog yesterday, he pointed us in the direction of this young man → iamfacingforeclosure.com

It’s a very interesting site and premise (whether true or not) and this is the rather cool picture posted it on that site today…


Heavy, eh? :open_mouth:


Scarily good blog on the US situation… It’s tanking and this guy ain’t shy about saying, I told you so…

Casey’s been foreclosed on one property now, his story is unbelievable and like a car crash people can’t look away.

But the group is divided between people rooting for him and people who wish him harm. Either way, it’s a laugh riot.

My favourite comment today…

Real Estate is messy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Americans don’t suffer fools gladly. If that was Ireland he’d be looking for a handout :frowning:

Its at times like this i thinkabout most often & maybe miss a little, KMAC, OBrien & good old SANITY 8)



Holy Cow! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

That’s what happens when you’ve got institutions handing out cheap credit hand over fist…

It’s gas.

In Ireland there is really no concept of flipping, it’s just pure sit and wait and let the capital appreciation come to me…

While Casey was fraudulent he was actually trying to improve these properties, is there an Irish IamFacingForeclosure story out there, a guy (or gal) with eight properties on the old 100% scheme, bought say in the last 2 years? In less than desirable areas?


Casey Serin, the poster boy of the debt bubble. :unamused:

Is this really true, how in the name of jebus did he get loans. It couldnt be for real, nobody is really that stupid.

He lied.

It’s true.

Check out his blog, there’s too much evidence posted up there for it not to be true!!!


Seems like a good 'un, discusses mortgages and the like… :smiley:




The information provided on that blog is very useful. Unfortunately it seems to have come to the notice of those who would rather prevent buyers receiving information that might help them make an informed decision.

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