Website for Asking Versus Selling Price

I was wondering if there is site which shows the asking prices versus the selling price of houses. I suppose a site that takes the Property Price Register Information and compares it to the asking prices that were on Daft or MyHome? I know there is daftdrop but as far as I know it does not have this functionality.

Collapso has asking price info, google the address and put collapso in the query

Someone created a graph of this recently.
So the info’s out there somewhere.

Are you interested in individual houses or aggregates/trends?

To be honest I was thinking of writing a website myself, that allows this. I have pulled down all the PPR data and have written code to do the same with Daft. Will probably do the same for my home. I will then link all this data together. I was thinking of allowing people look at the data through aggregate/trends but also drill down to streets, estate agents, towns, counties etc… Just wanted to find out if there was something there that I didn’t know about

Yeah, I will give it a try, see how far I get, I have all the data down now so I will have a play with the data then and see what issues I run into.

Here is the first query I ran against the Daft data. It is houses in Portmarnock/Malahide, grouped by house type, Beds, showing the number of properties, average, max and min prices.

Town House Type Bed Props Average Max Min
Malahide Apartment for sale 1 Bed 1 130000.00 130000.00 130000.00
Malahide Apartment for sale 2 Beds 20 301450.00 850000.00 195000.00
Malahide Apartment for sale 3 Beds 2 295000.00 350000.00 240000.00
Malahide Bungalow for sale 1 Bed 1 750000.00 750000.00 750000.00
Malahide Bungalow for sale 5 Beds 1 585000.00 585000.00 585000.00
Malahide Detached House 2 Beds 1 315000.00 315000.00 315000.00
Malahide Detached House 3 Beds 5 753000.00 1500000.00 450000.00
Malahide Detached House 4 Beds 20 899200.00 2200000.00 545000.00
Malahide Detached House 5 Beds 16 1304375.00 3800000.00 695000.00
Malahide Detached House 6 Beds 4 1128750.00 1700000.00 765000.00
Malahide Detached House 7 Beds 1 2600000.00 2600000.00 2600000.00
Malahide Duplex for sale 2 Beds 5 253000.00 280000.00 235000.00
Malahide Duplex for sale 3 Beds 6 342916.67 480000.00 265000.00
Malahide Duplex for sale 4 Beds 3 373333.33 415000.00 295000.00
Malahide End of Terrace House 3 Beds 2 442500.00 490000.00 395000.00
Malahide End of Terrace House 4 Beds 2 425000.00 450000.00 400000.00
Malahide Semi-Detached House 3 Beds 21 441666.67 580000.00 350000.00
Malahide Semi-Detached House 4 Beds 20 544400.00 695000.00 379000.00
Malahide Semi-Detached House 5 Beds 1 520000.00 520000.00 520000.00
Malahide Site For Sale 0 1 225000.00 225000.00 225000.00
Malahide Terraced House 2 Beds 2 395000.00 395000.00 395000.00
Malahide Terraced House 3 Beds 8 388118.75 475000.00 309950.00
Malahide Terraced House 4 Beds 2 657500.00 675000.00 640000.00
Malahide Townhouse 3 Beds 1 399000.00 399000.00 399000.00
Portmarnock Apartment for sale 1 Bed 1 169000.00 169000.00 169000.00
Portmarnock Apartment for sale 2 Beds 11 287272.73 335000.00 210000.00
Portmarnock Apartment for sale 3 Beds 1 310000.00 310000.00 310000.00
Portmarnock Bungalow for sale 4 Beds 1 760000.00 760000.00 760000.00
Portmarnock Detached House 4 Beds 6 624166.67 720000.00 520000.00
Portmarnock Detached House 5 Beds 4 717500.00 950000.00 530000.00
Portmarnock Semi-Detached House 2 Beds 1 350000.00 350000.00 350000.00
Portmarnock Semi-Detached House 3 Beds 4 411250.00 575000.00 330000.00
Portmarnock Semi-Detached House 4 Beds 5 512200.00 550000.00 480000.00
Portmarnock Semi-Detached House 5 Beds 2 572500.00 650000.00 495000.00
Portmarnock Terraced House 2 Beds 1 295000.00 295000.00 295000.00
Portmarnock Terraced House 3 Beds 2 360000.00 395000.00 325000.00
Portmarnock Townhouse 3 Beds 1 389995.00 389995.00 389995.00

What do you use to retrieve data from Daft/Myhome? Some kind of screen scraper?
As the prices change and come & go, you’ll have to keep a regular account of them I presume?

I was looking at the PPR data the other day, after seeing ps200306’s in depth analysis (viewtopic.php?p=833886#p833886)
It looks like it would be a challenge to match exact properties from PPR to daft/myhome records?

Sounds like a good idea anyway, looking forward to seeing how it goes. There are a good few people on the pin tracking data, it would be nice if we had a place to share the different data collected by everyone, including data that people have cleaned up/filtered.

Yeah, I wrote a scrapper today for daft and PPR. I haven’t done My Home yet. Thanks for the link to the graphs, I will take a look at it. The daft scrapper takes 30 mins for all houses for sale in ROI and PPR was something similar for all the data. I have 154K PPR records and 36k from daft.

I linked the PPR data to the Daft data. So it is is all PPR data against what is for sale today in Daft (asking price) and I have 1219 matches. So these are house that have been sold before according to PPR data and are currently for sale again on daft. I have attached a screen shot showing the PPR data linked to the Daft Data based on address although I coded it to take into account in slight variances in address spellings.

I think it’ll be easier to get matches in Dublin/other cities as people use more exact addresses. In rural areas, PPR data can be a disaster. Just looking at your matches above, ‘Coppenagh, Tullow’ daft price €50k, PPR sale price €250k. Clearly not the same properties and Coppenagh is just an area - again, even Daft addresses for rural properties are disastrous. I look at properties in some regional locations and often have trouble trying to match PPR entries with properties I remember being for sale - and I’m told I have a pretty decent memory for properties!

As I said, though, it would be useful for Dublin if nothing else.

+1. I discard matches unless they contain a house number. (Or, in a less strict mode, unless they appear once and only once on the PPR). Motser, would you like to share your address matching algorithm? What’s it written in for starters?

For anyone interested I have shared a spread sheet with matched address between PPR and Daft. There is about 240 of them here.
These are pretty much exact matches. I have current constrained this matching pretty tightly.

It shows how long a house took to go from sale agreed to sold, local address, town, county, Price diff, % over under valued, House type, bedrooms and Square foot where available.

Any feedback would be valuable as I am going to put together a website to make this available on an ongoing basis.

Good work.
So you have to grab the property when it’s for sale and record the price.
Then watch until it goes Sale Agreed and record the date
Then check the PPR for it to come up.

If there’s a price change on myhome will the new value overwrite the previous?

Is the 240 just a sample of the results, or is it the amount of exact matches you were able to get from your data? And if so, what percentage of the total data is that?

This is the number of exact matches when the difference between Sale Agreed and Sold is within 180 day time period in order to exclude previous sales that I don’t know what the asking prices is. This is being very cautious. I have about 750 exact matches when including house numbers but the time period excludes a large number of these. I have a few thousand when I don’t include numbers. I have only started looking at this.

All the data comes from Daft not my home. I am planning on writing something to get the myhome data also. I have recorded more prices change than are actually shown in Daft Drop also. What I have found is not all of these are show and the EA seems to be able to turn the showing of price changes off and Daft Drop doesnt record this. So I track the price changes and then when it moves to Sale Agreed I record that. So I track the full movement of the property though daft.

I also scrap PPR although I haven’t done this for about a month. Then link this data to the Daft Data and apply the restrictions mentioned above when producing the report shown.

To be honest it is just a first run at it so any feedback on what might be interesting to get out of the data would be good. I have the data devided by town, county, SQFT, House Type, Berooms, Estate Agent etc…

Fine piece of work. Your diligence is appreciated.

Is SaleAgreedDate - DaysToSold = First Advertised Date?

You could add:

Dublin postal district
BER band, if available
PPR details on full/partial price - VAT indicator

No The DaysToSold is SaleAgreed Date to Sold Date in PPR.

I have only included in Full Market Price in this report, I have this recorded already.
I have BER Cert info
I also have Dublin District Code. (Although I have a little bit of work to do on this and extend it out slightly)

So I have been playing around with building this website on and off for the last few months and I have constructed a site that compares the PPR and Daft Prices. I still have a far bit to do. It is not rendering correctly on an Iphone. Not to sure about an Ipad. But I have checked it in Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer. It is not the finished article and I am looking for some feedback on features that people might like and feedback in general. It may be abit slow as it is running from my laptop. Also I have not done a scrap for 10 days so the last scrap was 17th I think. Thanks in advance for the feedback

Here are two links

This URL show sold prices on the Property Price Register and the last price recorded on Daft.

The second URL shows Daft Price changes.

Fair play Motser, good work.

Some points.
I’m seeing the same house with the same ID showing twice in the 2nd site…id ref 1087904
I’d like to be able to see in the first site the original asking price, if thats possible. So original v last asking v ppr

Yeah, I can do that, I will add that in original v last asking v ppr. Only currently have data going back about 4 months so thats the best I can do at the moment.

Great stuff.

I must have been washing my hair on the 20th of June as I missed the beginning of this very excellent and noble endevour! Bravo!!! 8DD