Week by Week - What are they going to do?

Panic ?

They flew the mask and bivalent flags start of the week. Now not a sign.

Then midweek we get all cuddles for the cold from Eamon & Co., who don’t want you to freeze to death, suddenly they care.

Clearly their eye of Sauron social media dashboard went into meltdown.

Up the other stuff. Down with the other things.

Do you think they are panicked?

Keep Protecting everyone! SuzieSue🌸🇮🇪 (@cinnamon_suzi): "‘It’ll protect you, your family and your community”.. Colm Henry, peddler of misinformation, lying yet again about vaccines. “Rte, the truth matters” 😂😂😂"|nitter

Probably not yet, but epic messaging fail for all to see. They’re too deep in their bubble but they’ve misstepped all this week.

Events outside their bubble are not within their control. This has always been the strategic weakness. When the events began to unfold, the narratives crumbling. Oh you they relied on being part of the global Menace Inc., but that franchise model is under severe pressure in every territory form within itself and external forces, a kind of Who gets to pull it down first endgame.

Right now, it’s kind of what about next week, what’s up next?

This weekend, into next week.

Well, bombs are starting to go off over there so…

Duper speaks like he is following a keywords bonus scheme: Eamon Melia 🏴‍☠️ Homelessness is FFG Policy. (@EamonMelia): "If u are trying to promote something get a person who the public respect to do the promoting."|nitter