WEF: Ireland down 4 place in 2010 competitive index

Overtaken during the year by the likes of Brunei Darussalam , Israel, Saudi Arabia and China.

guardian.co.uk/business/data … x-data-wef

Blue Horseshoe

How dare they talk down Ireland? Don’t they know Fianna Fail has taken the hard decisions to restore competitiveness? I mean, FFS, Brian Lenihan is the best finance minister we have ever, ever had with the possible exception of Charlie McCreevy. In religious terms, having those two would have been like God sending down Jesus’ twin brother.

As far as I can see from that list, we are by a mile the worst “developed” (lol) country at 29th place. New Zealand at 23 and Luxembourg at 20 are the closest to us. So fucking terrible.

“Competition” is the bigest load of economic subterfuge.

It doens’t exist. It never did. It used to control and destroy you.

Hear, hear.

I would have thought the headline of this should be the fact that Ireland is now 139th out of 139th for the soundness of its banks.

Now, who was it who said that Irish banks are very regulated, Irish banks are very sound… hmm…


So in summary, taking the separate Manpower and WEF reports together we find

  • Ireland has the fourth lowest outlook for job creation amongst the 36 countries surveyed.

  • Ireland is losing competitiveness having now been passed by authoritarian states like China and the near theocracies of Saudi Arabia & Israel.

  • Ireland has the worst banking system of any country that counts as a country.

Well done the Irish political and banking classes, well done.

Blue Horseshoe

I like the innovation section of the report, given the amount of talk about the smart fucking economy

The report is here www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Global … 010-11.pdf , Ireland’s detailed rankings are from page 201

Sorry in all my negativity, forgot to point out that we do rank strongly in relation to the impact of malaria.

Or Jedward!