WEF - World Economic Forum Watching

The World is watching the World Economic Forum like never before!

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Of course he will be there, Zelensky is the WEF posterboy.

Cheeky bastard

Builder-Bergers are Back Better

Just in time to look at how to treat aging - paper link useable for ~3 more days I think.


WEF document calls for limiting ‘private car use,’ drastic reduction in the number of cars by 2050

The World Economic Forum is urging cities to ‘contain growth of private car use’ in a new white paper published with Visa.

The document advocates for increased “shared, electric, connected and automated (SEAM) transport modes and a shift to more compact cities” in order to reduce the number of cars by 2050 to 500 million worldwide and drastically reduce carbon emissions.

“No one city, or one company, can achieve this vision alone,” the paper reads. “Through strong public-private collaboration, we can find innovative, impactful, and context-sensitive solutions for mobility to enable a sustainable future for cities.”

According to carsMetric, there are currently over 1.45 billion cars in the world, and the WEF projects that number to go up to 2.1 billion by 2050 if we remain on the current trajectory. A reduction to 500 million cars would therefore present a reduction of the number of cars by over 75%.

The WEF recently ran a trial of its Urban Mobility Scorecard Tool and chose Buenos Aires, Argentina, Curitiba, Cota Rica, and Singapore as trial cities.

WEF document calls for limiting ‘private car use,’ drastic reduction in the number of cars by 2050 - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

The Menace plans for all too see but ask yourself, why are we seeing them in this order?

IF, the first stage of the plan was to Cull the Civilians which started in 2020, the hope was by 2050 with 27 years of a never ending increase in “excess mortality” worked in, the idea would actually be the norm, since the demand was wiped out, and then what remained would be much easier to ram into the pods on in the reduced reservation, while the new Gods roamed free forever in their born outfits.

or, (imagination time) this is the manifestation of how they intend to mange compliance with the deal they made with the “entities” if they wished to remain relatively on top were told to make sure humanity stays bed the ice-wall and kept them away from the infinite plane by distracting them with things like space space and singularities, crisis etc. etc. :wink: