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Welcome to thepropertypin.com:

We’ve grown recently and as the community has gotten larger, in order to ensure debate continues to be healthy and for the benefit of all members, we’ve set out some basic rules and policies which apply to the entire forum. When you post, you agree to abide by these rules and policies.

If you find any post or topic offensive or believe that the rules and policies outlined here are being broken, please report the offending content by private message to a moderator.

Etiquette Policy:

thepropertypin.com forum is intended to be a friendly, informative and discursive community. Members are expected to treat each other with at the very least, a certain degree of respect. At no time should forum content become insulting, slanderous, derogatory, abusive, hateful or illicit in nature.

Posting Policy:

  1. Please think before posting. The best method of moderation is when users police themselves. If you’re particularly irked by something another poster has written, count to 20 before posting a reply.

  2. Try not to run off topic. If you wish to extend the discussion, make a new thread in the most appropriate forum.

  3. When making a new topic, please give a descriptive title to your thread, that adequately summarises your topic. Please DO NOT capitalise your topic title.

  4. Search the forums before posting. Your topic may have already been discussed.

  5. Be patient. All the users of this forum are using the board and participating in discussions in their own time.

  6. Advertising and promotion are strictly prohibited. Cross-posting in multiple forums is not allowed. Posting pay-per-click, commissioned, affiliate, or referral links is not allowed.

  7. When you paste text in this forum, which you did not write yourself, you must recognise the source of the content and you may only post when your use of the content is not in breach of the original source’s copyright.

  8. The posting of private correspondence (Private Messages, Personal Emails, etc) is not permitted as there is no way for The Property Pin to verify the authenticity of the text and there may be breach of privacy implications arising from the publication of private communication in a public forum without permission from both parties.

  • Posts deemed “pointless” by staff will be removed at their own discretion. If you feel, however, that a decision is unjust or unfair, please contact an Administrator directly.

Membership Policy:

Membership is limited to 1 account per person. Members may not attempt to profit by collecting information from this forum, this includes PM or email SPAM. Members may not represent a banned member in any way. Avatars are allowed and signatures, details for displaying such are available in the open development forum.

Links to sites related to pharmacy, adult content, illegal content, etc are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, signatures / avatars content may be removed if it is deemed inappropriate by staff.

Administrators & Moderators:

thepropertypin.com Web Forum Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to take any action that they deem necessary, without prior warning, to manage the content of this website. This includes, but is not limited to, topic / post editing, deletion, moving, or closing, member warning, suspension, or banning, and text / URL censoring. The Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to modify any or all of thepropertypin.com Web Forum rules and policies without prior notice.

What constitutes a violation of thepropertypin.com forum rules and policies is at the sole discretion of the Administrators and Moderators, as is the judgement regarding any accompanying consequence for the violator. Violators may be warned, suspended, or banned, temporarily or permanently.

Privacy Policy:

Your membership information is treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be sold or otherwise provided to any third party.


Please note, thepropertypin.com cannot and does not accept liability for any of the content posted by users. Furthermore, thepropertypin.com does not take any responsibility for the actions committed by users outside of this website linked to content or discussions that take place on this forum.

We hope that you enjoy posting on the 'pin.

And we’ll leave you to ruminate on this quote:

“The peoples of the earth are islands shouting at each other over oceans of misunderstanding.” - Clement Attlee (1883-1967)

Have Fun & Enjoy! :smiley:

Open Window, Admin