Welfare Trap for TDs

Kinda surprised no one has drawn this comparison as yet.

Unemployment benefit and all manner of benefits are being reduced. One of the major ideas being to encourage people into work, that we shouldn’t be creating welfare traps where people find themselves better off being unemployed.

I receive urban myth emails and read numerous threads moaning about the privileged lives those on the scratcher live buying JP Blue and cases of Budweiser with their child benefit.

Now every politician and his Uncle seem to be jumping ship. I’m desperately concerned that we have created a welfare trap whereby our best and brightest have found themselves better off in retirement than in honest employment.

Was watching that smug prick Dempsey justifying his pension and this just beggars belief.

Well it suits them not to persist in politics. They can go into other employment and still keep the pension AFAIK. Same thing for public servants. Many of them are readily employable in the private sector and can take the pension then go off and basically earn two salaries.

You had me until then :laughing:

And you had me until then :wink:

In particular, because our revenue system is so opaque, anyone who retires from the Revenue Commissioners can easily earn big money as a tax consultant. It’s not necessarily that they know what the tax law is, but if they square it with their former colleagues it is as good as knowing the law.

In my experience over a couple of decades in accountancy, I’ve found that the guys who come from Revenue struggle with the private sector. Time equals money/profit eludes them. Also if they are not also chartered accountants, then they can be a fucking pain in the hole in trying to explain accounting/audit issues to them, where it is necessary from a tax perspective.

I’d agree with you that they might not be able to hack it working in the private sector in other countries, but it’s the connections (much like the Bert ending up as a CEO or whatever) that greases the wheels in Ireland.