We're lacking Bertie, and confidence - Sindo

A criminal at the top, and some mindless optimism at the bottom, is all we need.

I read as far as ‘Jody Corcoran’ and stopped

I should of course have stopped at ‘Sindo’

I believe a pickled turd could lead better than Cowen. That doesn’t mean I rank Ahern highly.

I wonder how history will judge Ahern?

Well enough probably, so long as he’s never convicted of anything.

Bring back our Dear Leader who will get us out of this economic mess, reinflate the property market and while he’s at it will sort out the world recession. XX

Of course, it help to have a leader who has a daughter who married a pop star, another who writes novels and a love life you can write about. All tabloid friendly stuff.

verbatim, can you remove the url link to this article please, people might inadvertently click on it before reading the extract you posted and mistakenly encourage the Sindo with this line of thought through an extra click on their website.

How I wish I could take my click back… what utter, utter drivel.

Mind you, yeah, lets bring back Bertie and let him suffer the consequences of his decade in power.

he wouldnt suffer - in fact he would be paid very very well.
Thats another thing that annoys me about people saying its great FF are in power now - reap all they have sown etc
They really dont care and get paid very very well

I think he will be judged in the same way as Chairman Mao’s legacy has been imposed on the Chinese people. Because he killed up to 100 million people, Chinese students are taught in history that Mao is:

“70% good, 30% bad”.

I think the Irish media are trying to say Bertie is “70% good, 30% bad”. Ah sure he may have taken a few bribes, but who doesn’t eh? He brought the good times, and if he was in power now house prices would still be going up and I would still have my high tech job.

Much more kindly than he deserves would be my guess.

Well this bit is clear enough. Can somebody buy Brian Cowen a comb at the very minimum. Jesus he’s representing the country everytime he goes out in public, and he looks like he’s just got up out of the bed after a rake of pints the night before. BD

as the greatest affliction since the potato blight

It’ll depend on how he fares during his two terms in the phoenix park.

Are there plans for a prison in the Park? :smiley:

Not yet but this could be handy irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 19528.html

He could free wheel down Chesterfield Avenue in the mornings but would need a helping hand heading back up the park. Maybe some of his old buddies…

I had referred to Keynes letter to Roosevelt in an article on Friday and included a link. I had first used it last August. I had found it in David M. Kennedy’s Freedom from Fear.

Two days later, Corcoran begins his article with a reference to the Keynes letter including a quote. Wonder where he found it?

In the short term. For the next 20, 30 years, as long as his cronies and fawning lickspittles are still around. The day will come when they’ve all shuffled off this mortal coil though, their influence removed from the media and politics, and then there’ll be a ferocious new wave of Revisionism which will rip the myth of Bertie to feckin shreds. And for generations to come, children will curse the name of Ahern.

He really is one of the all-time greatest villains of Irish history, and his appalling negative legacy will blight the land for decades. But as usual, the not-right-in-the-head idiot element in Irish society will be pathetically grateful for the abuse.

Yes ,certainly the worst Taoiseach in the countrys history.

Nostalgia for this snake ,as represented in the sindo’s poll ,is akin to the poisonous and dangerous emotional attachment a battered spouse still has for their violent abuser…nothing more ,its certainly not based on a rational assessment of this mans performance.

ah, Ho Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese government had 50,00 people killed in the 1950s and sure he was a national hero there. Of course he apologised for the murder of the 50,000 people after it happened because of how unpopular it was but sure he was ok then 8)