We're paid peanuts compared to soccer stars, says Pat Kenny


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Pat Kenny shows how in touch he is with the mood of the nation…


I wonder? Did Pat Kenny just say that he wants his pay to be the same as the highest payed footballers in the country? How much are the players in Bohemians payed ? Shall we fix his wages at the average of the top 10 payed players in the Irish league? :laughing:


Tax payer doesnt pay John OSheas wages Pat,it pays yours and Marions though and I for one am rightly fucked off at someone working 4 hours a week receiving 500k+ a year…



This is outrageous crap from Pat Kenny. If he wants to use the example of John O’Shea earning big money in England to justify his own pay then he should fuck off to England and see how much they’ll pay him over there.


I want to see him lining out for Trap - and I can just hear the commentary now:





sums it up in your usual spot-on way, WGU.


Marian was back on air yesterday, banging teacups, rustling newspapers, dragging on cigarettes? coughing, clearing phlegm and interupting guests…

Where was Marian for the last ten (yes 10) weeks?

“week in week out” ! In Marians case I think it means for every week she is in Montrose she takes a week out


Time for a postal campaign? Peanuts for the top ‘celebs’?



Great stuff WGU - try and get it published in the RTE guide. Can’t believe Marian “because I’m worth it” hasn’t been made to eat those words - and she’s looking for us to contribute to her personal charity…


No state pension for Pat - The last few years must have hit him hard


What a fucking maroon. I bet he wasn’t saying that when he was sinking his pension into rocky outcrops.

Welcome to the world of the self-employed Pat. Welcome to the pricing mechanism. Welcome to the pensions. And having to have an accountant? The smallest corner shop has to have an accountant…


Well he is a client of Quinlan


They’re not ‘celebs’, Yog… they’re Stars… great big luminous balls of plasma held together by their own feckin gravity.


:smiley: You can make stars out of shite? Who knew.

They’re still big, it’s the economy that got smaller…


Ok. How about ‘great big pompous balls of shite held together by their own feckin gravy’?


I find that very annoying,she asks the guest a question,they are invariably 30 seconds into answering when she cuts in with another question,it really is bad manners…its not just her indulges in this,it seems to me that that RTE interviewers thinks this makes them serious journo heavyweights following in the tradition of Brian Farrell or Olivia O Leary,I have seen/heard this again and again,they are so busy concentrating on sounding important,they allow a politician away unchallenged over a remark that has most listeners begging them to challenge the statement.

Over paid,under worked and with a sense of entitlement that is simply staggering in the extreme,we are a country with a pop of Birmingham,yet we have a state broadcaster with over 2000 employees,funded by the licence fee,where a cult of personality has been allowed go unchallenged for decades,resulting it some bint feeling hard done by because she is only on 500k plus a year for doing fock all except turning up for 4 hours on a weekend,for 10 months,to sit round interupting a bunch of guests shooting the shit and talking across each other about whats in the papes.


Ah! The Sunday Morning ‘What it says in the Papers’ on the 'Pin. Sure beats mass.


I could be incentivised to be a nerd on television about politics for a lot less than half a million euro. There’s probably a few people in the 400,000 unemployed who could be too.


Marion just said the working hours of the Dail are ludicrous :open_mouth: …pot,kettle,get a mirror etc…