We're paid peanuts compared to soccer stars, says Pat Kenny


Apology accepted.


High-larious. Have you considered a career in showbusiness? I believe the terms in the state broadcaster are quite good, and you would fit right in.





Plank on the frontline. “If we didn’t pay the 700million and if we don’t pay the 1.2billion due in January, then that’s 2.9 billion we have saved”.


I guess when you have taxpayers cash coming out your arse you don’t have to worry about household budgets and maths and stuff. And if you want something you can always steal it. 8)


But Plank is a qualified engineer for fex sake!
With those kind of maths he shoulda been an economist! :open_mouth:


Kenny: I’m working a lot harder for lot less -> independent.ie/national-news … 33648.html


or up 20,000 on his 2007 wage. Poor old cow patt


And…CUT! That’s a wrap folks.


Not before time! I remember a few years back reading that John Kelly was on several hundred thousand grand for, basically playing his favourite music on the radio for an hour a day, and hosting a weekly roundtable chat about movies, photographic exhibitions and the latest novels etc. I like the guy and he’s got good taste in music but a job like that is worth about the same as a middle-ranking Civil Servant.


Na céadta milliún?


Sorry, I’m from the English-speaking part of Dublin.


Na céadta míle mar a tharlaíonn - out by a factor of 1000!


Ní gá duit a labhairt i mBéarla in aon chuid de Bhaile Átha Cliath. Is féidir leat Gaeilge a labhairt in áit ar bith anois.


Coles, according to the census there are 1.5 million people who can speak Irish. I imagine that this is the number who can actually speak Irish as opposed to those who learned it in school but can’t speak it within a few years of graduating. I fall into the latter category having had good spoken and written Irish at one time but now I have to read your line above a few times to understand it completely. And I could not properly give directions to someone now on the fly. Do you think there are really 1.5 million people who can speak it?


I’ve only heard one Irish conversation in Kilkenny in the last ten years. A friend who’s in to her Irish tried to start up a weekly Irish language social evening in a local pub, a few Irish teachers turned up and it didn’t last very long.

I dealt a lot with the public and when someone greeted me in Irish I’d asked if they could speak it, the usual response was “like fuck I do”. Now this thread is about Pat Kenny, I agree, he’s a complete…


A lot of people seem confused about the 30% paycut, many think it’s on top of the cuts the top guys already took, when it is an broadening of the scope of the cut, i.e. no change to Pat Kenny but now applies to other less well paid staff.


So can we expect a Mr Duffy from D4 to be calling into LiveLine during the week to complain about how the cuts are hurting ordinary decent working people & not the Banker scum who got us into the shite ? :angry:


irishtimes.com/news/ireland … 0?mode=amp

Plank objects to proposed apartments by his gaff


Long time coming after the court battle but 10 years later, we’ve got boomtime prices and we’re back in business

Their objection is clear:

That’s high quality jargon; even Ireland’s best paid presenter would pay good money for that 8)