Western Civilisation - multi-decadal Timescale

"You are not going to like this tweet so turn away if you are likely to be triggered:

I am a very optimistic person; I am a fighter for Western values and liberties; I am a dogged defender of science, reason, and common sense. I must say though that I am unsure that the West can recover from its multifront civilizational suicide. Yes, I’ve talked about these issues for decades and wrote a book about it but the past few weeks have crystallized the extent to which the problem has become intractable. It will be a long and ultimately bloody demise and the West will be the first society in recorded history to fully self-implode due to its parasitic ideological rapture. It is a gargantuan Greek tragedy that will shape the future of humanity. This is not hyperbole. Your grandchildren will pay a very high price for your “progressive” arrogance rooted in the pursuit of Unicornia that only exists in the recesses of deeply flawed parasitized minds."

Can western civilisation survive the end/collapse of Christianity ? Interesting discussion