What A Difference A Year ( or Two) Makes

In the frenzy that always accompanies the top of any speculative cycle a thread started on a discussion board about Arena Court Tallaght in late 2005 .

It collected the usual amount of shills and ladder ladder ladder ( I will call these L3 Merchants from now on OK )

Here is where it begins

This is where it is Now . Poor Ken , think of his overheads here !

And thats in Tallaght not in Termonfeckin North. They have gone from selling 50 a day to 1.5 a week ( 0.25 a day). Wow !!! And thats not counting the inevitable flippers trying to exit .

Were they to drop the price I am sure they will shift is that not so very so Ken ?? :slight_smile:

Flippers. Those people are the makers of misery. These lot buy a property take a commission and sell to a person who wants to live in the property. Can I say I hate those guys. :slight_smile:

If you buy from a flipper for less than they bought for does that make you “The greater canny”?

This developer in Tallaght seems a bit more optimistic! :slight_smile:


an example in that article of yours crashandburn was that a 2Bed in Aldercourt was ‘going’ for E285k in Feb when the article was written.

If you look here on daft its E250k

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … D=qpuuusps


daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … D=qpuuusps

but believe what you want !