What are my options if I can't get a big enough mortgage?

The PropertyMarket.ie website is a bit of a “Marie Celeste” - so I’ve reprinted their advice (from 2007) in full for posterity:


And as a bonus - their advice on how much to borrow:

propertymarket.ie/mortgages- … borrow.php

Heres an idea, if you cant borrow more dont.

Heres another idea, if no-one else can borrow more the prices will come down until you dont need to borrow more

I went to get an idea last week on what I could borrow.
Not only was I told I could get in excess of 300k, with the 35 yr term being considered the norm, it was the way the conversation was structured.

" you give me the most information you can, and I will be able to tell you how much we can get you."

Now I’m sure there are people on other sites saying , the lucky bastard can get that much to get his dream home, whereas I was sitting across the table from a broker who was advocating lending terms that will drag the banks/country back into the depths in another five years once all the “solid bets” start getting shaky.
I’ll still probably buy in the next two years though, you could change the name on the atlas of this country to lala land and once peoples house price was protected they’d announce it to be " progressively in the mational interest; going forward."

I’m so glad they don’t sell (& finance) cars like they sell houses.

I read your post and obviously you are correct in what you say but do you know how many people I come across who complain about how little the bank will lend them and the fact they cant include this, that and the other income? Its scary just how stupid and ingrained in the 2006/7 mentality people still are. :open_mouth:

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