What can possibly stop Nama?

I’ll do anything. anything to stop these lying bastards stealing mine, my family, and my families future from me.


What can possibly stop Nama?

A lisbon no vote?
Green party pulling the plug?
Once, just once, the useless cunts in the dail voting for the countries benefit, not thier own?
Riots/mass disorder?

I know its going to go through, i know i can’t do jack shit to stop it. Torture

My opinions from a previous post about getting stuff done:
I’ve posted my opinions before. I think I informed Open Window last time:thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=276019#p276019

I am shocked and disgusted at what is transpiring with NAMA and will consider anyone who votes for it as a traitor to this country…

Just musing to myself…If the Greens are going to be truly democratic is there any possibility of us all joining the party and then telling the Green leadership to vote no… If it only cost me 20Euros (to join the Greens) to stop NAMA I certainly would… questions to ask are do we get voting rights that soon, etc, etc…


Dear Sir/M
We are sure you will be surprised to read this message from Ireland having never met any members of the Fianna Fail party before. But we decided to make contact with esteemed partners in Nigeria via e-mail after concluding that there is no other way to reach you as we got your contact details through an international internet business directory here in Ireland.
As the party in government, we are directly responsible for creating the newly formed National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), a charitable scheme established to redistribute money from taxpayers to assist the bankers and property developers who in recent years worked so hard and patriotically for our country but have now fallen on hard times.
As instructed by those bankers and developers, we have now carefully mapped out the sum of ninety billion two hundred and sixty thousand euros (€90,000,260,000) only which is now being appropriated from the taxpayers and earmarked especially for the NAMA scheme.
In our position as the government, we have been able to force the taxpayers to overpay for the banking loans by 70%, but for reasons of profitability it is now deemed preferable for the recipients to deposit most of these funds in a secure offshore account after we get the money on request from the Central Bank of Ireland.
We decided to contact you for assistance because as Public Servants here in Ireland we are not legally allowed to operate an offshore account on behalf of the beneficiaries.
Therefore, we decided to look for a reliable and trustworthy partner in Nigeria to whom we can remit these funds using his private or company account, hence our contacting you.
For the numerous assistance you are going to provide, you will be entitled to 35% of the total amount, 60% will be for us while 5% has been set aside for expenses that will be incurred in the course of this transaction. To effectively and officially get these funds transferred into your personal or company account, we would require the following;

1.Bank name and Address
2.Name of Beneficiary
3 Company Name and Address
4. Account Number
5. Confidential Telephone and Fax number of Beneficiary.

In order to avoid delay, please get in touch with us immediately via our e-mail address for immediate action to commence and hopefully we must get these funds into your account within a few working days. Please contact us immediately as we cannot afford to waste much time in this strictly risk free transaction. While thanking you for your anticipated cooperation, we await your immediate response.

Yours with most sincerity,
Fianna Fail

Watching this from afar i am completely disgusted that probably the most audacious, corrupt legislation in the fucking world is going to become law.

Vote Fuckin No to Lisbon is the only escape route now. The greens are pieces of shit and I hope they are all put up against a wall and shot :imp:

Just withdraw your funds from the banks in a co-ordinated fashion and cause them to fold.
That’ll render NAMA irrelevant.

Thats what everyone wants, right?

A big fat (constitutional challenge) right in the (supreme court). That’ll keep em satisfied.

Well, I want a banking system that will only provide funds based on what deposits they have available. So it means that most people won’t be extended credit or be given mortgages, but that’s the price we pay for an actual functional banking system.

The price of €77bn (or €57bn or whatever lower figure the government will buy votes at) is the cost of keeping the dream (nightmare) alive, and if it is passed then I won’t get what I want (i.e. a stable banking system).

There is only ONE way to stop NAMA - get the Greens to not vote for it.

Lisbon will pass - FACT!
Most people in Ireland don’t care about NAMA - it is just something between politicians and bankers - nothing to do with them.
You will NEVER get 100k people to march against NAMA. Unless at least that amount gets on to the streets, NOTHING will change.

Only way - get the Greens to pull back from it.

Agreed. Is it still within the gift of the Green Party membership to pull the rug from under the leadership and demand a withdrawal from government?


I spoke to a few collegues this morning.
Again, its like an unspoken religion - thou shall not critisize the government-

I’ve been accused of doom mongering, ive been told i’m to full of depressing news, that i should just get on with it.

Ive been told to fuck of back to Blightly.
I was told that " i have food on my plate, whats the problem"

The only person with the same thoughts (actually, he was even more pissed than me) happens to live in NI.

I think its hopeless and futile TBF. Its just not in the Irish psyche to look,see,understand, and react to anything which does not directly there immediate environment.

I’m going to seriously re-consider my decision to live here. maybe hitting the Dole queues in the next few weeks could be a good thing and force my hand.


100% agreed but I would ask that you at least write a well worded email/letter to the Green Party explaining your position.

Oh for fucksake, write a letter to the greens. I hope that was a joke.

The greens are in on nama, 100%.

The membership isn’t. That counts.

The debate is raging in the Green Party. John Gormley and Dan Boyle spun the hell out of the Athlone Convention. The vast majority of the attendees were against NAMA. The people who were in Athlone were the die hards who engae with policy stuff. The convention set for the 10th of Oct will have a broader selectoin of greens. So it is now more important than ever to put the pressure on the green party members. I’ve given up on the Parlimentary Party mmebers. As many of you will know I tried to get as many people as possible to ring them and talk to them. They are very set on staying in government. I won’t go into why they are so set on sticking with FF here, just to say that forget them now.

If you know green party members talk to them, ring them, email them, visit them. It’s the only chance of saving us form NAMA.

It didn’t count in the dail yesterday.

I do not share your jaundiced view of the Green Party- or your jaundiced view of politicians in general.

I reckon that the average Green member is a decent sort compared to the selfish pricks that join FF. I’m open to correction on this point but the constitution of the green party empowers the membership to overrule decisions of the parliamentary party. It is still possible that the membership could vote for a withdrawal of support for NAMA/ the government

So what’s to stop Gormley and Ryan abandoning the Green party and declaring themselves independent, if push comes to shove?

If the Green party doesn’t want the ministers to support NAMA then all they have to do is stop being Greens but continue to be ministers, c.f. Mary Harney.

There’s €54Bn at play here - Gormley and Ryan have voted already to sign up as is.

Game over.

We need a change of Govt with or without an election