What do estate agents do all day ?

Simple survey to gage the mkt, was back in Dublin last week (home form overseas) and went to two estate agents on southside, was bowled over by the attention when I entered the offices, in one all three agents rose to greet me and offered to show me any property at anytime, looks like the same in London.

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I think that you’ll start to see more ‘american style’ trends enter the market, people calling to houses saying that if you want to sell that they would like you to give them a call, more direct marketing, more agressive follow up, more detailed showing of houses - rather than just opening a door and letting you look around the smart ones will be talking all about local ameneties and points you may not have known yourself (like 'this house isn’t on a floodplain etc.).

brokerage is having it rough, but we dont’ need houses to sell in order to keep going, estate agents on the other hand do, i feel sorry for a lot of them because many are honest good workers, the few dodgy/lazy ones will hopefully be weeded out during the tough times.

suffice to say being an EA is probably the toughest thing to sell in the current market. There hasn’t been the layoffs (in our firm we were talking about EA’s/Brokers dissappearing to the tune of 60 & 40% respectively) we would have expected so far but time will tell.

They invent dubious liabilities for “paperwork and phone call fees” owed by potential purchasers who didn’t actually compete the sale.

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And there was me thinking that the estate agent’s relationship was with the vendor.

Two anecdotes from my recent experience:

  1. Went to see a house in south county dublin, expressed vague interest - zero follow up from the agent. He murmured something about letting me see the planning permission drawings at the house.

  2. Sent an email to the red and white ones through Myhome requesting a viewing of one of their properties. Haven’t heard a thing.

I have sold my house, cash is in the bank, I’ll probably buy in the next 3-6 months if the right place, right price etc. I have 2 small kids, wife not too happy to get into renting.

I’m not exactly being hunted down by agents. Piss poor sales performance in my opinion. I’m registered with all of them, and the most I get is brochures for overpriced semi-ds in Cabinteely (which I have never, ever expressed an interest in).

They’ve no right to do that, unless it was explicitly agreed by the two parties in advance.

A quick note from their solicitor should sort it out, and the EA would be liable for the solicitor’s fees.

Assholery, nothing more … :imp:

if it was me I’d tell them that I’d see them in small claims court. And that I’d be planning to add some damages for my time I’d spent getting my money back out of them.

Find below a certain extract from the Act No. 23/1973: AUCTIONEERS AND HOUSE AGENTS ACT, 1973, which made changes so as to void that a purchaser bears costs or fees being charged to them by an auctioneer when that auctioneer also works for the person selling the property.

I’ll see you in court!

irishstatutebook.ie/1973/en/ … print.html

I’m having very similar experiences. House sold, cash in the bank, ready to buy. I have been to see a few new housing developments (built, ready to move into, not all sold), have registered my details, and have not once received a courtesy call or email back. Very strange. The EAs are quite blase with us, as if they don’t need our business and yet these houses are still (some 20 months later) unsold and dropping in price.
At this stage we are going to stick it out and watch and wait but I have been amazed at the lack of interest or enthusiasm from our local EAs.

Doesn’t surprise me. Remember you do not need any qualifications whatsoever to this - it’s just selling gaffs ffs.

I sold a couple of years ago and it is amazing what a pack of bullshitters the EA’s are. No offence if there are some decent ones on here but we had two and both were terrible. One put our ad on daft full of lies and bullshit that she made up. I had to call her to tell her to remove some of the crap she put up

Everytime we had viewings she had to ring me up to ask the same questions over and over (ex where is fuse box, property boundaries, boiler etc…). This was still happening 10 viewings in

I shudder to think what she was telling the potential buyers in my absence

Perhaps out-of-work EAs could spark a boom in Irish fantasy novels, screenplays, etc?


Terry Brooks beat them to it years ago.


At least I’m not the only one experiencing this.

To make matters worse, I sold my house through the EA that has yet to reply to my request to view one of their houses.

They KNOW I have no chain to deal with. They would surely recognise my name, because it took a year to sell my house, and I got to know some of them pretty well…