What do we do with all the ghost estates?

An alternative would be to cut the prices until you found buyers for the lot.

Why oh why do we have to do everything but the obvious in Ireland? What is it about our national psyche that gives us such an aversion to low cost housing?

You beat me to it johnboy. Try everything except the obvious.

OMG Empties? How come no one said? :open_mouth: :unamused:

sounds good

I think this is a good idea also. If the banks know that they bear the risks from negative equity it will encourage them to value properties more prudently - ie if they accept a valuation of 500k for a property worth only 300k then they face a loss of 200k if borrower defaults as there is no recourse to the borrower. Of course if they can securitise the loan then it becomes someone else’s problem 8DD

Flip side of all this though is that mortgages would become more expensive as the lender would increase rate to compensate for extra risk that they face.

We should think about doing the next possible Olympic Summer Games (or maybe even winter games given he recent weather), must be 2020 or so.
Many ghost estates can be used as “Olympic village” for all the contestants to live in.
Also, major boost in infrastructure (trains, roads, etc) as well as proper investment in all the sport centres required (proper swimming pool anyone?).

Hm. I think I am going to drop a note to the Departments of Sport and Tourism.

Actually, we should rejoin the Commonwealth on the promise of hosting the Commonwealth games. If they won’t have us, maybe we can join Asean, the greater Japan co-prosperity sphere, the Association of Recently Stupidly Egotistical Nations (the ARSE Nations), or just make up one ourselves…

They can be rented as a film location for the upcoming “I am Legend 5 - Canny McSavvys resurrection.”

A group of pinsters find themselves in a 2 bed apartment in a ghost estate somewhere in the border midlands region, and have to escape undead specuvestors who want to sacrifice them to their god NAMA and resurrect the great white zombie Angelo.

Cant wait…gets popcorn… 8)

All sorts of Hollywood blockbusters could be filmed in Ireland using ghost estates.
Armageddon movies, post nuclear holocaust movies and war films.
Realistic pyrotechnics and explosions would be no problem as the sets are expendable.

Because the “obvious” is not really obvious at first pass.

It’s only obvious after a little digging, a little thinking, a little questioning and little honesty in face of the facts. And all that fresh air and truthfulness threatens the cosy structures and deals of the well connected.

Those houses will be allowed to fester until they are demolished for some other private use, by the land owners, at the little guys expense one way or other. The idea that they would be allowed to trade in a fair and transparent way until a market clearing price is found is laughable in the extreme. Not in this country. Cheap land/property for the masses? no siree. The concept of doing the right/low-cost/efficient/best-value thing for the betterment of all is essentially, with odd exceptions, on alien concept in Ireland.

What about as ‘open prisons’ for the shysters who caused the problem ?

They could be retrained so as to help finish the half-built units. The older, more infirm or plain useless could be given other tasks. How about Fingers as a cook or librarian ?

How about Seanie Fitz as the Birdman of Carriglass or maybe he could do the staff tax returns fro prsion privileges ?

I suggest either Roscommom or Longford for the VI Blocks

Vey good, we couldn’t organise community games.

Now I must admit that’s a serious improvement on my original “demolish them”.

Good thinking that man! 8DD

‘Social housing’ is a fucking misnomer, anti-social housing more like.
The goddamn free council house has caused masses of social problems in Ireland, I think the whole thing should be abolished.
How the hell can there be 56,000 on local authority waiting lists!

Every inbred violent cunt I know of, lives in social housing.
I find the social policy in this country disgusting, why the fuck am I paying to house a growing rabble of fuckers who are destroying my locality?

Why should I bother working and bother to buy a house when generations of a family are just riding the system. I’m so bloody angry…

Am I to infer, based on the thread title and your post, that you would like this ‘rabble of fuckers’ put in to ghost estates?

I pity the person who has already purchased a house in one of these ghost estates only to discover the rest will be given over to anti-social spongers.

29 days later :slight_smile:

We need social housing, not as a repository for people who are anti-social, though there will be some. The state use to build social housing.

There may well be you and me in social housing by the time this mess has run its course.