What do ye make of this property

Listed on Myhome price drop report number 3
€550,000 to €500,000

Price hasn’t changed since then…BUT

Another property listed as
Dropped the price from
€495,000 to €459,000 to €395,000

Thats almost a 30% drop.

Anyone who doesn’t think we’re already in the midst of a crash should take a look at this. Not a nice interior or exterior either on that house.

This is the one from the “Worst Value House in Ireland” thread.

The house is listed twice to double the chance of selling it. The seller is prepared sell it for 395k but is also able to keep open the possibility that an uninformed buyer will come along and buy it at 500k. Thats possible because someone with 500k to spend will probably search myhome.ie within the price range 400-500k and so they might not see the 395k offer.

Im surprised myhome.ie allow this kind of double pricing. It would be like Tesco having loaves of bread, priced at €3, on the shelf with luxury items and then in another part of the shop, have the same loaf priced at €1.50. As far as I know that would be illegal.

Its amazing how various kinds of sales tricks that are illegal when youre selling everyday items like bread are perfectly legal when selling €1/2 million houses in Ireland.

Not if they read the pin :smiley:

Great spot to be fair to op

Could it be simply an error?

But isn’t that the case in supermarkets? Same products in different packaging with different prices.

I think the only error they made was expecting to get way more than reality would allow

I think if we experience these kind of prices drops on the staple 3-bed semi-d’s, then it’ll be a real crash. Price drops in these kind of houses along with the high-range properties are readjustments - not a widespread crash (yet!)…