What do you get for US$150bn?

The estimated cost of rebuilding the affected areas of Japan following the 9.0 quake and a (what now is being estimated as an up to) 25m tsunami, is $150 billion.

So far, some estimates placed on the cost of rebuilding the Irish economy, while attempting to also salvage the broken hulks that are the native banks, are starting to get close to that figure.

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Blue Horseshoe

As a % of GDP our disaster is 30 times worse at ~100% versus ~3%.

Not really, it’s much more complex than that. The human cost is humongous in Japan. In comparison it’s insignificant in Ireland, albeit greater than zero.

That is what I said.

There is a human cost in Ireland (Emigration, bad hospital services, suicide etc)
No comparison, but shouldn’t be forgotten.

Oh, I’m aware of that. Hence why I was extremely careful to say “In comparison it’s insignificant” and to further say “albeit greater than zero”. Please read the post.