What does 'subject to planning permission' really mean?

I’ve been trying to learn how to find price drops with regard to sites for sale. Anyone be able to explain the above to me please? If I see ‘site for sale subject to planning permission’ and the site is a measly 55K, can I expect to get planning permission for it in the first instance and how much more can I expect it to increase to once PP is granted?

I would be delighted if anyone could take the time answer this question. Thanks.

Hi armchair,

When you stirke a deal with the estate agent, you put a clause in the contract that the price agreed will only be paid over if you succeed in geting planning permission. So that way the price is fixed into the contract and can not go up.

Site prices are down more than house prices. I saw some analysis that said that Daft asking site prices were down 13%, that’s ‘asking price’ so any deals agreed would be lower still in my opinion.

What part of the country are you looking in?


It’s all about using google. (The following instructions from Verbatim)

So to find drops in say, Galway, open up myhome.ie and chose Galway City from the drop-down menu, selected all areas and clicked on “Go”.

Pick a link to a property and paste this address into google.ie and the first result might look like this

“Galway auctioneers O’Donnellan & Joyce Galway property, property …”

but don’t open this link, instead open the link where it says “Cached” just below.

it’s the same as the following link … =firefox-a

This is what google saw the last time it visited the listing. On this page you’ll see that the price is 650,000 euros, but on myhome the price is 600,000, so there you have a price drop. Then it’s just a matter of pasting the links into a post.

Good luck. It would be good to see some more price drops posted from outside Dublin.

Also see the link below for instructions stored on Youtube.
How to Use GOOGLE CACHE to find Price Drops (YOUTUBE.COM)

The same trick also works for daft.ie

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That’s great - beats asking someone in an Auctioneers anyday! So if I see 55K then I need to apply for PP which costs another few bob…? but generally I pay what I see you say? (Wonder how hard it is to get PP…)

I’ve just come back from abroad and haven’t a whole pile of dosh but should be looking for something for something in Clare within the next year or two…