What else has crashed besides Property

Irish Art.

Hugely inflated in the boom, another one that’s down to the banks. They were giving regional managers free reign to buy local art and of course they hadn’t a clue and overpaid for worthless stuff. Market is now flooded with them off loading it no doubt.

Also the demand for the really good stuff, with there being so little of it, drove prices sky high.

I was thinking more about the glut of 05 & 06 cars on the market, when our old cars (I drive an 01) cost too much to repair, they’ll be plenty of 05-06s to choose from. In five years time, our cars will be 17 years old, I’m not that optomistic of it lasting till then.
OK I know that in Cuba they just kept them going almost forever, but a shortage of cars isn’t the problem.

Luxury watches. Market has slowed right down on specialist sites.