What else would you like to see on www.daftdrop.com?

I’m open to ideas. I’ll pretty much implement what the majority want, I’m particularly interested in more useful charts and statistics…

The data I am collecting needs to be exploited more :smiley:

Your thoughts?

Oh, I should add that I will be adding better search based on beds & type soon, so leave out that suggestion! :slight_smile: Thanks…

FYI I have code for parsing addresses if you want it?

I’d personally prefer if you made the “Price Drop” page the default page for the website, the page one is automatically directed to when one googles your site. I was fishing around for quite a while, looking for a “Search” feature, before I figured out I should click on “Price Drop” to get the drops. As a Daftie, I’m programmed to look for a “Search” feature.

It’s very good.

obviously you’re dependent the quality of the ad but price per sq ft/m2 would be great

Thanks, but I already did that about a month ago, it’s just the search isn’t making use of it (easy to add it though)…but send me any other code you like…never turn down free code!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think I agree…or something to make it more obvious anyway…

Someone (probably you, slasher?) suggested I hook up with someone else from the pin who gets this data. Will see if I can get round to that…The problem with getting this data from the daft site is that it’s up the the advertister how they word it, so it’s unpredictable to detect. But I guess finding some figures is better than none, and at least the averages would be fairly representative…

Thanks for replies all.

An endorsement from Namawinelake on Twitter.

Can you do it by Dublin 1,2,3, etc?

Yeah, thanks Namawinelake! The site relies on word of mouth, so this is good.

Snakeblood, not yet but I’ll try add something to allow it. You can obviously search for “Dublin 4”, for example, but this will return a lot of non D4 houses too because 4 could be the house number.

First off, fantastic work credmond, I use your site a lot househunting!

Specific email notifications would be nice :-

  1. By default search area like Co Dublin or
  2. Preferably, by custom search - Dublin 6 , Rathfarnam, Shrewsbury road etc if possible

Excellent work credmond, I like it.

Question, are you tracking prices on property.ie?
Is anyone? I cant seem to find it on collapse, daftdrop or irishhousehunter.

Thanks Magpie…No, I am only tracking Daft as that’s “where it’s at”. There’s so much redundancy between them all that I don’t see the point…I don’t think any of the trackers track property.ie.

Yes, some houses aren’t available on Daft, but most are…or end up there…

FYI – for anyone interested, there are some big improvements to daftdrop.com.

The main change is that you can now bookmark custom searches or individual houses searches, and/or share the links with others; search will happen automatically and with the same options you chose. Second biggy is that there is now a new reports section. And the third change is that there are now quick links from the homepage, county-by-county.

There’s a few other small improvements/bug fixes.

Is it possible to scrape the commercial listings?

Great site btw.

Thanks…it’s possible :slight_smile: I haven’t done it yet though…don’t most of them almost always say “X amount or negotiable…etc…”…never really have a clue what the asking is?