What happened to Chesterfield Blackrock?

I came across this development on daft today: daft.ie/searchnew_development.daft?id=6696 . Doing a bit of research the original manor was owed by Tom Roche and sold to Avenue Homes for €47m in 2004 and planning permission was granted to build 150 apartments in 2007. Its brochure is laden with gushing superlatives, a little like the development at 109 Howth Road, although nowhere near as opulent. Like Howth Road its website has been withdrawn and walking by it this evening there is no sign of anything having ever been built. Unlike Howth Road however there seem to be nothing about its demise that I can find. Does anyone know anything more about this one?

They spelt Miele wrong as well. Oh well…

Apparently the old house was fitted out as offices for the developer and then the recession hit. I had assumed they had done some building but someone in the know told me that nothing has happened.

I was there the other night and that seemed to be the case. The old house was walled and gated off into a rump estate. The main part of the estate was barricaded and there’s appeared to be nothing built.

Hopefully it will make a nice squat for somebody. Surprised this isn’t happening accross the country. To the manor born… The crustie revival

Looks like Chesterfield on Cross Avenue is going to finally be developed - by Cairn homes.

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