What happens to Stamp Duty if Finance Bill doesn't go in ?

What happens to Stamp Duty if Finance Bill doesn’t go in ?

a) for uncompleted transactions
b) for completed transactions

Both Fine Gael and Labour have indicated that they will support the Finance bill in return for bring forward the election date.
Even if the bill doesn’t go forward before the general election, it will be first thing on the agenda of the new Dail. It would be difficult for FF, FG or Labour to back down on their support for the measures at that stage. They may try to weasel out of some provisions, but the stamp duty provision will stay as it was placed there as a continuing condition of EU/IMF funding.

Neither have said they will “support” the Finance Bill. They are prepared to facilitate its passage in order to allow the election to take place sooner than Biffo’s preferred March 11th date. Due to the IMF/EU deal the bulk of the changes in the Bill are non-negotiable. A new government can ammend the legislation once in office provided the economic targets stay within the peramaters of the deal. We are screwed royally and reduced to tinkering around the edges of what has already been agreed by the incumbents, very little wriggle room.

Deal has be done seemingly to push this through.