what have i missed?


As some of you are aware I have spent the last while away from the emerald isle.
Did I miss anything? :mrgreen:



What did you miss?

Bargains galore! All gone now! Snapped up by Pinsters!

We’re all balls deep in BTLs

You’ll need to get a new username - you’ll be the poor relation around here!


Hi 2Gaffs,

Told you so

Regards etc.


cant change the name … 2 much history :laughing:
anyway. of course i have been keeping up to date with developments.
but it has blown me away on my return , completely different country.
and to be fair the pinsters were on the ball.
fair dues.


The boom got boomier. When did you leave? :wink:


couple of years ago.
i did post for a while, then couldnt get BB when i moved more “remote”.
but am back for a few weeks now.
my how it has changed.
good to be back.
nice place to visit but i wouldnt want to live here :laughing:


Back for the property auction, eh :smiley:
Are you still 2Gaffs or have you taken the opportunity to add to your portfolio?


bit too early for the auctions i would say. but i’ll be back again before they kick off properly i would say.
yep still 2gaffs here - so still have a base to come back to. flying visits only though.
i wouldnt rule out 3gaffs at some stage, yes i know i said this before.
if i could get another without a mortgage, which is likely in a couple of years, then i would probably jump again!
but for the moment its 2gaffs.


Your fame precedes you. You left before my time, but I’ve seen your name mentioned more than once. Always in glowing terms, I hasten to add. :slight_smile:


Your namesake 40 gaffs got the sack from the Galway West electorate!!!


Well, you nearly missed out on a most desirable one bed lifestyle apartment only an hour and a half’s commute from Dublin. It extends to a spacious 35 square metres and enjoys an intimate courtyard vista. I’m prepared to part with it for only €350,000, but you’ll have to move fast.


Contrarian indicator +∞
We must have actually reached the bottom. :angry:

Welcome back 2Gaffs.


Welcome back 2Gaffs.
You mentioned how much the country had changed, can you elaborate on what you noticed ?


Welcome back… or should I say welcome home? Will you be sticking around in Ireland? How do you find the place now v then?


the main thing i have noticed is the amount of fear when talking to people.
even though when i left things were obviously going one way.
i met up with a couple who had bought just before i left.
serious trouble as he is now on a 3 day week , and her job isnt too safe either.
they are up to their necks.
fear again amongst my friends who are now on the dole , on reduced days , and a friend of mine who was a carpernter is completely fked , he has a wife and kid , but no machinery , tools etc.
in a bad bad way.
thats the main change i have seen. so much fear.
mental stress with these people must be through the roof. cannot be healthy.

a friend of my lets call him 4gaffs is looking to go bankrupt, his situation is horrific.
dont want to go into too much detail on that.

when you live abroad for a while and look over the numbers at the peak , things were epically epically epically out of control. when you see what an average mortgage payment is here and see what you can live on elsewhere is staggering.
we got it REALLY wrong here.


oh yeah , ireland will always be home , just not at the moment.
I am heading again in 3 weeks but back for the summer for a few months , then off again til the following year.
my situation is that i can live for free abroad but if i lived here i would have to work eventually.
its a no brainer for the next 2 to 3 years I think.
i think the whole property fiasco has a bit to go yet , the impending mortgage defaults will be carnage so I dont want to be around for that!


Oh we did, did we?


yes we did. maybe you didnt personally , but you will end up paying for it. so yes we got it wrong.


Nice to see you back 2gaffs. Spent most of the last 2 years away myself, last time I was back October and dec I noticed how people were on and on about how bad things were, stark contrast to a few years before when they couldn’t be told any sense, now they have too much of it :slight_smile: The timing leaves something to be desired.

Very happy they got rid of FF, the whole mess might be worth it as we could be rid of that type of lunacy now.
I did notice among my friends the ones who couldn’t be told STILL voted FF this time, unreal behaviour. So not out of the woods yet.

The run rate of the country is still that of a wealthy one, not that of a broke ass ex agricultural one, several years into the crisis no one seems capable to tackle it meaningfully.

Whatcha reckon, you get the same gist?


Ain’t that the truth of it.

What was always alarming to me was the biggest buyers of the BTL scheme were those who thought this place was different (wherever this place happened to be - Korea, UK, Ireland…). Not a total mix, though. Plenty of ‘smart’ lived abroad people who kept one home when they bought another one, BTL on the sly. And plenty who just bought way more than they could afford.