what have i missed?


This fraud.


Morgan Kelly was balancing paying the bank versus feeding your children. 2gaffs was balancing paying the bank against stalling them while you squirrelled away a few tens of grands to go live on a beach somewhere beyond their reach.

EDIT: Coles2 got there first. +1.


Well this was the explanation he gave me.

So I don’t see what’s fraudulent about it.

He’s basically saying what MK is saying - there will come a time when people look at the situation and wonder what are they doing.
Not only that - but it’s not a bad thing to hear another point of view - yes he may have got it wrong - but so did a lot of people and as I said he’s back on here and taking flak for what he posted when he believed the spiel that was being fed to everyone.


Morgan Kelly has never said that mortgage holders should default on their debts. He also never said that people should default on their debts so that they could pocket vast sums of cash (through fraud) and ‘live like kings’ on some far off beach.

Morgan Kelly’s point was that people would, not should.



annnnnndddddddddddddddd we’re back!
has it really been over a year? wowsers - time flies.

I see the new cleaner/faster/stronger/better government are now pushing for a house tax?
nice. I have been following bits and pieces online though still no BB so its intermittent for me.
Seems like a lot of people arent paying.
Good for you - the money will only go to the banks anyway.

Last time back I was moved by the amount of fear.
Not so much fear this time. I am back only 1 week now - but its definitely different again.
Its a strange one. It seems like people last year were thinking with their old head on ‘must obey the rules’.
Now it seems like people are looking and thinking - ‘fk the rules’.
And I for one am down with that.

Is this because its becoming more and more clear that not everyone plays by the rules - so dont be the only fool that does.
Or is it because of acceptance - in that they know they are fked so why stress about it?

FYI - original 4gaffs is still ok ( just about - he’s not paid the housecharge either ).
2nd4gaffs still watching his pile diminish.
Not only that but he spends so much time working. ‘take it to the beach’ is advice to him - but each to their own.

I am now convinced more than ever that my course of action is correct.
Seeing him stress/save & work - just to stand still at best - absolute madness. This is not a trial run - you only get one shot at life and you are spending your healthy years at that? Should be ashamed of himself.

What will happen the euro?
For the guy asking about the precious metals? Well for the last few years thats where my spare cash goes.
So … its probably best for your financial well being to stay away!! My record is there for all to see :slight_smile:


What are your thoughts on Livestock? More specifically light pigs and milch cows?


Thanks. You just ruined my day.


hey hey hey.
I see we are having a bit of an ould boom.
Tis like the old days.

I see some people who didnt pay off their mortgage are getting deals now.
I bet some folk are sick with that.
Probably because they didnt have the balls to play hard :slight_smile:

Im back for the summer , well if and only if the weather is good.
So if anyone needs some financial advice just ask.
Then do the complete opposite lol.

In fairness though , I may have made some mistakes in the past , and called things wrong.
However I would defy anyone NOW to say my call in 2011 was incorrect.
That call being , if you are in too deep , stop swimming and chill the fook out.


Brings to mind: It’s about a year ago that Thatcher died.

I remember on her death thinking about the kind of society she had bequeathed to the world.

“And, you know, there is no such thing as society” (Margaret Thatcher).

Yeah, I think we are going to see more and more the likes of 2gafs, as her ideology takes more and more a grip of our world, and on individuals like 2gafs.

“Rational” (accoding to the rationales of the “market”) behaviour, that does not necessitate intelligent thought to one’s due and responsibility to one’s society.

It’s not a pretty vista.

Just take your profit any way you can, and secure it in gold ingots: damn human substance; damn generational substance; damn environmental substance; damn any sense of social responsibility, or any consideration of what may or may not be sacred.

We saw the meteoric rise of this ideology particularly in the banks and other financial institutions this last twenty or thirty years or so, and now, we see gobshites like 2gafs say, “well if they are like this, then why shouldn’t I be too?”

Pretty fucking depressing and lame IMHO.

A nation of barbarian gombeen shop-keepers. See, we were colonised after all…


Yes , thats what happened alright. I thought ‘what would maggie do’ and followed that.
Orrrrrr maybe some people looked up and saw Seanie et al going to Poland for the Euros while bankrupt, maybe they saw the big insurance/financial institutions gettting bailed out by the nation ie paying all the bond holders back , and so on , and so on and so on.

I said this years ago - the old rules no longer apply.
It really is that simple.
You read about the couple who didnt pay their mortgage but took the rent?
What advice would you have given them? Keep working and paying a mortgage you will never clear?

How about the AIB couple who got the write off?
Do you think they made each and every payment from their mortgage? and out of the goodness of their heart the banks said 'ah sure , you are very good to be paying that off , listen dont bother your head about the last 200k '.
Did they fook.
People only get deals when you engage in the appropriate behaviour with the banks.
I personally know people who have went to the banks in different levels of distress.
There are a lot more deals being made that have not been made public.
A stopped clock is correct twice a day - and I may have been right about people stopping paying mortgages as a strategy.

What Maggie thought is irrelevant.

“A man should never neglect his family for business.” walt disney - thats more like it.

Im not making mega money off this deal by the way.
Ok with rents increases over the last while I have been making a few hundred a month - which keeps me going.
But on the flip side of that , I am not paying off my full mortgage, so that could be dangerous down the line.
I am not looking for a deal at the moment.
However I am confident that a deal will be struck and my ducks are in a row for when that happens.

This was set up by damn situation was set up by FF and continued by FG/Lab.
This damn situation was shown up when seanie can go watch the euros while broke , go play golf while broke etc.
And by the way , the only reason we hear about him is he is high profile.
There are 100’s of people like him.
The wife owns all , and damn the rest.

Be a chump if you must , but I’ll play by the seanie rules thanks.

so when 2gaffs asked ‘why shouldn’t i be too’ - your answer is …

It is depressing. So you can be depressed and broke or depressed and have your safety net in place.
Its a tricky call.
What to do??

Clue : If 2gaffs stops doing it , seanie et al will continue doing it.

Your quote is wrong , napoleon said the english were a nation of shopkeepers.


What exactly do you mean by that?


wow, a real life strategic defaulter…thought you did’nt exist according to Jabba the Hall and Ross from Friends :smiling_imp:


I’d call the behaviour inappropriate, but probably pragmatic


i’d call it sociopathic


There’s a spectrum of human behaviour that we all fall into. Every day, I deal with work colleagues who are focused on the next material acquisition…the car, the extension, the bigger house. Their lives pass them by as they strive for things that they think will make them happy. They’re the least contented people I interact with in my life.

I’ve always had a great admiration for those who disdain material pursuits in the face of social pressures to conform. I certainly am not one of them. When I stood at the fork in my life where middle class conformity and artistic pursuits diverged, I travelled the worn path with the majority.

There is a 3rd path. A path that I believe is becoming increasingly well worn. Its a path of selfish greed. Its travellers are of a type to my reckoning - capable but of limited intelligance, lacking empathy, deluded in their self perception, unable or uninterested in self reflection.

We as a society are changing - whether these changes are causal or caused by, I don’t know.


Sounds like you’re describing ‘walkers’. :wink:


You just blew my mind!


I’d call it anti-social behaviour. It’s a form of “mooching” really. Wandering through life, seeing what strokes you can pull.


There were, to my mind, a trinity of players.The banks, the government (representing our colective and democratically elected wishes - even if we now find that inconvenient) and the individuals who took out loans they couldn’t afford.

It seems to me that an attempt is being made to load the last of these three with the consequences of the actions of all three.

And so the last of these three is entitled to take avoiding action.

Better all three share the load but if I felt that wasn’t the case and the only game in town was an all or nothing fight then fight that fight I would. And would have no moral issue with it.