what have i missed?


I’m not sure I agree.

Considering the root cause of all of the problems we have in this country, did anyone really expect the kind of rational approach such as intelligent people would come up with to deal with the fact of the collapse? E.g. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13996

No. First it has to be recognised that our real problems in this country lie in systemic institutional deeply rooted traditions, and ways of thinking - in a certain type of logic pervasive at all levels of public and business life in this country. This is what lead to the collapse.

IMHO it was not the actual financial crisis that was significant - it was/is the manner of *attempt to cover up for the institutional and establishment “logic” that resulted in the collapse *of our banks and employment.

For example, the continuing attempt to “normalise” the paradigm of continually rising house prices, logically entailing at the time of the collapse that our children would be paying around 1,000,000 euro for the then 317,000 euro houses in ten or fifteen years, which would necessitate Japanese type 100 year mortgages (the multi-generational kind advocated by the likes of Marc Coleman) etc.

Or, we continue to see in the “clean-up” of the financial collapse, for example, commissions of enquiry and similar, the dictating of “terms of reference” that uphold the same logic that generated the problems in the first place.

We continue to see nearly every other day how transparency is avoided in the service of protecting one or other of these institutions (and denying that one is protecting the institution etc.)

We continue to see the blaming of others for mistakes etc.

We continue to see the most significant wrong-doing in Ireland done under the protection of law and our establishment institutions.

What has changed, and why I believe this crisis is not yet wasted, is that this kind of behaviour, and what is deeply wrong with this kind of behaviour, is now becoming quite clear to a fair proportion of the population.

The true perception of the character of this type of behaviour is spreading through the public. No matter how hard the mainstream (and much alternative) media work against that perception.

That perception (or consciousness) will reach a critical mass in a couple of years.


guess who just sold one of their houses? :angry:


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Clear the mortgage on it?


Throwing old pensioners out onto the street, are we ?


What was your reasoning for selling?


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