What is best in Life? Optimism Thread - Tracking regime defeats and humiliations

Feel free to post regime defeats and humiliations below.

Globohomo’s “Minister for Justice” needs a Garda escort to walk a few yards in the North Inner City


Utter humiliation for “Progressive Ireland”


Yea, on the back of the below Leo in name but not in Nature run of the mill leadership fail, and perpetuate loss for Ireland. Someone had to step in and show some leadership and corner for their own people.

Taoiseach says people being attacked ‘all the time’ on Irish streets


Taoiseach Says People Being Attacked ‘All The Time’ On Irish Streets

Leo Varadkar said it will be ‘difficult’ to recruit 1,000 gardaí this year.


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said people are being “attacked all the time” on Irish streets as he acknowledged it will be “very hard” to meet the target of recruiting 1,000 gardaí this year.

His comments come after a number of high-profile assaults in Dublin, including on a US tourist and a Ukrainian actor.

Mr Varadkar said that when the victim is from overseas, it “sometimes” gets more coverage than when it is an Irish person who was assaulted.

However, he added: “Sadly, there are Irish people residents in the country being attacked all the time on our streets – and that’s not something we can accept.”

The safety of Ireland’s streets has come into sharp focus following the assaults, with the Taoiseach saying people feel that Irish cities deteriorated during Covid-19 and did not recover.

He said: “We shouldn’t be telling people that X area or Y area is dangerous, they shouldn’t go there.

“That’s totally the wrong approach, in my point of view. We have to make sure that all public places in our cities and towns are safe for people to walk.”

The Taoiseach said the recent assaults show the need to be “tough on public order offences”.

“People should feel safe in our towns and cities and at night-time and shouldn’t be afraid that if they go out at night, that they’re going to be subjected to a serious assault or perhaps even worse,” he said.

The Taoiseach said Ireland is “a safe place” relative to other countries but added that more needs to be done to improve public order.


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Operation warp speed continues to accommodate immigrants.

Operation go slow continues when it comes to housing native Irish.

However, An Taisce’s head of strategy, Ian Lumley, claimed the height of the new building will have an adverse impact on other buildings in the area, in particular on the historic railway station that dates from 1848.

A three story building in Limerick city centre will have an adverse impact on an already derelict area apparently.

An Taisce expressed concern that the design of the building could add to the existing problem of illicit drinking, drug taking and prostitution in Mews Lane at the back of the site.

My favourite bit of all, the mask really does slip here for An Taisce. All the existing prostitution, ditch drinking and drug taking is all perfectly in keeping with the area, but students will make it a lot worse. The message is clear, they despise the youth of Ireland and have no respect for them whatsoever.

An Taisce once again revealed to be part of the Menace. Defund the fuckers.

“Student Accommodation” = Refugee Accommodation

The developer, Signature Trustee Services

No Irish student can afford to live in these blocks. They’re plantation hubs - either for Visa Scams or fakeugees

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Yep North inner city littered with them. 10k beds was the figure I’ve heard. Can’t confirm it but they’re everywhere.

I was on Blessington St yesterday - was not Dublin.

Sinead, despite her spiritual excursions, was a Progressive Ireland totem. The fact that living a progressive life in progressive Ireland drove her to death constitutes a major L for the regime.

The rise in “far-right” Embassies.


Worth tracking this

If only our government would use “Common Sense”

Fáilte Ireland and the Department of Tourism both said the guidance issued by the American embassy last week reflects common sense and their own advice for tourists. They said the majority of tourists coming here feel safe.

We’re going to be gaslighted that crime is our fault. There will be a campaign that “Of course crime isn’t your fault (directly! Although you do contribute to inequality) But you must use COMMON SENSE and your COP ON”

Varadkar “When I was going to college in the Centre of Dublin in the 1990s my mother would always tell me to ‘stay safe’. I think everyone’s mother probably did that too. I’m very normal”

Yes, but I don’t remember any trouble. You’d watch out around you on top of O’Connell street to stay away from fights, but I still did walk up there alone past midnight (not often).

I also being very (stupidly) drunk one night, tottering down Grafton Street to the taxi rank. Only people who stopped me were to ask was I ok. Got taxi. Got home. Lord knows what would happen now.

Even in the taxi.

I know!


Dublin is losing its charm according to this editorial piece. At one point she gets uncomfortably close to the truth of the matter.

Perhaps an element of nostalgia is colouring my perspective. In Dublin, perhaps I’m mentally going back to the days of bantering bus conductors who always had a joke as they took your fare; of spirited Moore Street mammies who were never short of loquacity, and warm-hearted retail assistants in Clery’s who would have time to hold a chatty conversation with you as you dithered over your purchases.

But all that gets abandoned later on and covid lockdowns get thrown in as a possible reason, because of course they are.

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Setback. Just shows what a sham the Dáil is. 95% of the Dáil would vote for this - but they’re scared of the populace.

It is understood there are fears that questions could arise during the campaign about the definition of a family and gender issues, leaving ministers facing questions to which they do not have clear answers
“We will have to be able to answer the question ‘What is a family?’” one politician said. It was not yet clear, he added, that the Government had an answer.
Senior sources, however, are wary that the referendum campaign could become a debate about gender, prompting questions about transgender issues that have proved highly contentious elsewhere.
“This is one of those things that you wade into at your peril,” one minister said.

Last week, a number of NGOs and lobby groups came together to urge the Government to publish a wording for the proposed constitutional change and name a date for the referendum


Oh they’re very worried about Transgenderism. Keep hitting them on this!




I love it when a plan comes together

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Even this guy is saying what’s supposedly unsayable.