What is best in Life? Optimism Thread - Tracking regime defeats and humiliations


The shot

The chaser

We’re building up a nice panoply of righteous self-indignation and condemnation from within the left.

I heard Biden called FG PR for tips.



Eamon Ryan


No Eamo, you didn’t answer the question
Can we deal with Ben’s question first?

Men who believe in the concepts such as “Toxic Masculinity” are mentally unwell…and probably also holds for women who believe in such concepts


Didn’t like having the basis of his climate religion questioned atalatal. Accusations of hypocrisy didn’t faze him - probably used to it.

We already remember Helen McEntee’s famous Talbot Street walk from a few months back? The one where she declared Dublin was a “safe city”.


Literally within the same frame and just metres away from where Helen was photographed above, foreign dudes took knives to each other :joy: