What is it so great?

What is it so great that we must preserve with scheme, remedy, ideology and life to forfeit something greater?

What are we talking about here, or is it Halloween and spooks or something. Are we under the weather or what, must be in the water or something someone drank!

People have a lot of money invested in the ride.

Check. Money is great. Ok. Thats one. What else?

I got quite depressed yesterday as I thought about Michael D, a man I would have traditionally respected as a broader person than most, celebrating his ascent to the presidency of a failed state. More depressing was the general chorus of support/relief at the result. Plain inertia was identified a long time ago as profitable as customers would knowingly suffer overcharging rather than the hassle of changing provider.

The past.
As ever.

I think it is more a case of the status quo than the past.

No need to be depressed. Michael D is the man for the job, and soon enough people will wonder how it was not obvious all along!
Michael D reminds us of those magic eye things that were going around some years ago, you look at it for ages and see nothing, nothing at all, then suddenly an image emerges and there’s no going back.
Michael D restores our sense of nationhood, while also reminding us of our commitment to Europe and Brussels - a point he emphasised early in his political life by marrying a woman named after the national airline of Belgium.

Have you been at the diesel oil?

Michael D. Higgins strikes me as an irrelevant politician appointed to an even more irrelevant job. He will be wheeled out to greet foreign dignitaries a few times a year, and when his presidency comes to an end, we will all slap each other on the back and proclaim what fabulous president he was, and how he brought a great deal of dignity to the presidency.

Ireland just loves mediocrity.

This has to be some sort of joke about a penchant for big busts, right? :smiley:

Eh, was this the topic du jour in the existential hotbed that is Grogans ?? :nin

Can we have a thread without mention of the feckin’ presidential pageant pllleaaassseeee…

Nope, but I did feel that claims I may have an ideology led me to perceive the need for a greater point of view and for that there needed to be a suitable question. To get things rolling.

(a) Fear…
(b) Change required…
© laziness…
(d) Truth…
(e) Lack of confidence…
(f) Trust…

The self-image and ego that underlies the present establishment.

With individuals, when you attack those, you meet the strongest of defences.

It is the same here. It is also worth saying that for the vast majority of the individuals most significant in our ‘establishment’, their own personal self-image and ego is inextricably intertwined with the group self-image and ego (of this establishment).

So, the critical phenomenon we are dealing with, whose aim is to defend this self-image and ego, is the defensive reasoning mindset.

Its traits include:

  1. The protecting and defending of individuals and/or supraindividual unities such as groups, inter-groups, and organizations.

  2. The primary reasoning processes include making the premises explicit (on the assumption that they are valid) and testing them by the use of self-referential logic. Self-referential logic means testing a claim by the same logic that generated it in the first place.

  3. Transparency is avoided in the service of protecting the self (and group) and denying that one is protecting the self (and group).

  4. Self-deception is denied by cover-up. In order for the coverup to work, it too must be covered up.

The above results in ultra-stable systems that are self-sealing and anti-corrective.

But to repeat, what is being preserved is their self-image and ego more than anything. And closely tied to that, a tacit (I would say criminal) conspiracy of this establishment, to enrich themselves on the back of the ‘non-establishment’, as they truly believe is their just dues, such belief germinating out of this very same self-image and ego.

Am I a bad person if I say I have no idea what this thread is about at all,

Was it something I said? :smiley:

For us, the war is nearly over. Being able to buy a habitable home for something approaching build cost is like the sound of russian tanks rumbling up Unter den Linden.

Having been mobbed for a generation by the Celtic Tiger obscenity and the likes of Bertie Ahern’s Fianna Fail and Nama, soon we can be demobbed.

Am I right to read that as a stamp of your foot and a demand that it all be put in black and white for you?

But (a) the transmutation into black and white means a lot of the grey colouring gets lost that may have been important. (b) once it has been put into black and white, the expectation is that ‘the picture is finished’. Once finished, whatever picture is there is ready to be torn asunder and poked at until its inadequacies are shown up. Yet, these self-same inadequacies were probably somewhere in the grey!

Rationalist scientifism is fine as far as it goes. But unfortunately, in our age, being only allowed to ‘know’ things within such a lexicon, inevitably means that you can never ‘know’ anything as well as the arbiters of this rationalist scientism (who incidentally comprise the same group as the one I was going on about in my own post), to say nothing of the limitations to knowing that are inherent in this view of the world.

No. It is what people are not saying. The absence of ideas manifesting is stunning. I decided maybe to help others shake off the spell. In the little way that maybe I can by asking a question. That really is all.