What is "mature estate" code for?

A relative of mine, who is basically a bigot and a peasant, often gives me house advice by describing a housing estate as “mature.” She does this with her serious voice and a knowing glance. So what is a “mature estate” besides an old one?

more leafy. Knackers have aged and thus pose less of a risk.

lack of melatonin (genetic kind).

fewer Honda Civics with thumping stereos.

Kids a bit older too, so less knock-a-dolly.

I get the impression that the term is supposed to have some cachet attached…

Dustry drawers and a hadge that hasnt been trimmed for a while, sagging front porch, yellowed porcelain. Thats a mature ummm… estate :laughing: or ummm… 8DD


lol, spot on. I’d like to see some EAs use that in their ads.

Code eh?

According to here

Mature Estate = Taut Me Teaser

i.e. The residents were suckered into buying there with Teaser rates and are now taut to the limit. I’d run away… fast

Yes but what sort of housing estate does your aunty bigoty peasant live on?

One with no immigrants, no teenagers, no cavity insulation and trees that don’t need stakes. That’s what she means by the sound of it.

Either means the folks have been neighbours for a while and still treat each other with respect or it could have a few of the below types running around:


Good one Barney - this is the scene from the classic episode I believe (sorry - not tech. savvy enough to attach here properly).

and now have a gaggle of snappers undergoing their uber skanger training ready to reclaim the 'hood for a new generation of knacker.

In my experience there are relatively few bigoted Irish people. A fair number of those that could be categorised are just uneducated skobies from the flats. It would be more accurate to describe them as uncivilised than bigoted.

For example someone who thinks that Travellers are overwhelmingly chancers isn’t a bigot. They just don’t live in a utopian ivory tower.

I rarely see anyone described as a “peasant” so I’d be interested to know what criteria you’d use for that one.

Mature estate to me means

  • proper back gardens
  • no feckless youths in hoodies
  • not up to modern building standards but built by a reputable builder a long time ago e.g. crampton, sisk, stringer etc

I think this is the ideal definition; I’ve lived in new estates where the residents considered themselves hard working, educated middle class and were resentful of having to live so far away from town amidst less cultured types.

F*ck your Honda Civics I’ve a horse outside :-GC

Is that you, Mongo?

jut saw it;


here for anyone who hasn’t seen it