What is the value in Cork

New to the site and my first post.

I am looking at buying a house in Ballincollig/ Crossbarry. As I am not from Cork I am finding it difficult to place a value on a property.
Looking at buying a four bed detached or semi. I there value to be had at the moment.

Curious on feedback on Crossbarry, what people think of this area.


Good demand for light pigs, less so for heavy pigs and I wouldnt dream of offering milch cows . . . No more no less . . . .

Crossbarry is a small country village miles from anywhere where a lot of people from the city bought as it was the only place they could afford. Saying that, most of these people bought here because they wanted to bring their kids up in an environment where they had room to run around and breathe, as opposed to cramped apartments or shoeboxes.
I think the community spirit will take a while to adapt. You are doubling (tripling) the size of a town with blow ins and expecting the town to absorb it smoothly. However I think a lot of good minded people moved out there so it should work eventually.

As for price, this is a town with good links to the city but you are still miles from Cork. Prices here have a long way to go as more people move back closer to the city and much fewer city folk want to move out. Think of it as a Dublin/Newbridge situation. Not the time to buy here but certainly to rent to see if you like it there. As for Ballincollig, good links and close to the city,Colaiste Colm is normally well up there in the leaving cert points results so good for kids. Prices are slow to fall though.

You’re not from Cork… Crossbarry would be a leap even for me, and I’m from Cork.

I have a very good friend from Newestown… and he lived in London for a long time, came home with wife and kids and now lives in Clonakilty… and he is an original, he couldn’t handle the smallmindedness. The “Civil war is still going on” his words.

Ballincollig, has everything City is 20mins on a bad day, Bandon the same… Innishannon very nice but not cheap.

Do not buy a place in Crossbarry, as much as I like it, and I have kicked ball, and hurled there… Ohhhh NO.

Ballinhassig or Ballygarvan is a nice place also, and on that side, and closer to the City.

Ballincollig yes… I’m smiling but “they’ll ate ya” in Crossbarry, and I mean that in the nicest sense…

Crossbarry - it’s not even a town, you can’t possibly compare it to Ballincollig, two very very different places to live (in the context of Cork like)

I live in between the two actually (well my family does). There’s plenty houses in Ovens that would be far more appealing than Crossbarry, if you want a one off house. It’s ludicrous to look at buying in an estate in Crossbarry really.

For services, there’s the shop. And… well. That’s it really. You’re probably as close to poor dying Bandon as town, and in terms of secondary schools you’ll be travelling to one or the other - actually there’s no primary either you’d have to go to Gurranes. Or Knockavilla I suppose.

It depends on what you are looking for - Ballincollig has come on a long way and the scumbag element seems far less obvious these days than 10 years ago. There’s loads of shops and so on. If you want something a bit more rural, say Inniscarra or Ovens would be a far better bet than Crossbarry with the advantage of being closer to the main road. It makes a huge difference really.